Apexone Announces Industry’s First 6.5V-Capable Stereo Class-D Amplifier Based on Standard 5V-CMOS

Apexone Microelectronics, an innovative private fabless company that provides high-performance mixed-signal ICs for interactive multimedia communication, today announced that it has delivered a new stereo digital-volume-controlled class-D audio amplifier IC — the A7023.

The IC is a cost-effective 4W-per-channel stereo filter-free Class-D audio amplifier based on Apexone’s patent-pending audio architecture and circuit designs. The A7023 is the world’s first stereo Class-D audio amplifier capable of supporting up to 6.5V operation enabling device manufacturers to now build standard 6V battery-powered, both standard battery and rechargeable devices with Class-D audio capability.

The A7023 also provides the highest-in-class output power of up to 4W per channel into an 8-Ohm load at 6.5V, lowest distortion, highest power efficiency, one of the highest SNR and very good PSRR. The A7023 is targeted for portable and semi-portable applications, including multi-media speakers, small-sized LCD monitors, notebooks, MIDs, digital photo frames, GPS, MP3 and PMP players.

“Portable audio device makers are looking for IC amplifier solutions that deliver audio and multimedia experiences on these portable devices working with up to 6.5V voltage operation from four AA-size batteries or regular electrical chargers,” said Mr. Jeff Yang, Apexone’s Sales Manager of Audio Product Line. “Our new stereo chip enables these voltage applications with our patent pending technologies and architecture, plus the added digital volume controlled function. The device is specially designed to work with 6.5V CMOS voltage over a commercial 5V standard CMOS process, which perfectly creates the cost effectiveness to support the working voltage requests.”

Extending Apexone’s early successful line of Class-D audio amplifiers for wireless handsets, this stereo class-D amplifier solution targeted for portable applications adds 6.5V of 4-battery working voltage capabilities, digital volume tuning functionality, extended battery life and enhanced stereo sound clarity. All of these advanced capabilities are delivered on a SOP16 or SOP20 package that saves cost and space.

“Our new A7023 demonstrates Apexone’s commitment to developing unique audio amplifier chip products that offer leading performance, leading efficiencies, leading designs over the complete application lines,” said Ms. Amy Ren, Apexone’s Senior Engineering Manager of Audio Product Line . “In the coming months, we’ll continue to introduce new audio products that will extend our advantage as the audio IC supplier of the key products focusing next generation mobile and portable devices.”

Technical Information

The A7023 is a cost-effective 4W-per-channel stereo filter-free Class-D audio amplifier designed with Apexone’s patent pending technologies and architecture. The chip features very low 0.02%-THD+N, high 94dB-SNR, high 92%-efficiencies and good 73dB-PSRR at 217Hz. Large output power, high efficiencies, low THD+N, high SNR, good PSRR and differential architecture together provide the best immunity to noise for portable and semi-portable devices. Integrated internal mute control function can suppress click pop sound. Additionally, the A7023’s fast startup time, low shutdown current and small package size make the A7023 an ideal choice for both powered speakers and portable devices — the A7023 can drive speakers as low as 4-Ohm or even lower.

The A7023 is available in RoHS compliant and 100% lead (Pb)-free SOP20 and SOP16 packages. The A7023 is specified over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

Complete Audio Amplifier Family for Wireless and Portables

Having shipped over 10 million audio amplifier products worldwide to date, Apexone offers the complete family of audio amplifier silicons for mobile phones, multimedia speakers, notebooks, MIDs, small-sized LCD monitors, digital photo frames, MP3, PMPs, GPS and other applications. Apexone’s class-D and class-AB solutions are widely recognized as the one of the most broadly deployed and feature-rich complete solutions. More and more OEMs, ODMs and IDHs rely on Apexone audio technology to provide their customers with a unique, intuitive, battery extended and rich user experience of audio.

Pricing and Availability

The A7023 is available sampling to early access customers. Please contact your local Apexone distributors or sales representatives for pricing and ordering information.