Sirrus Corp. Highlights Opportunities for RelifyTIME Verification Services

Sirrus Corp. (“Sirrus” or the “Company”), an emerging cybersecurity solutions provider, provided this discussion regarding business development opportunities for the Company’s Time Verification Services Strategic Partnership with RelifyTIME LLC (“RelifyTIME”).

“With any given digital transaction, whether it’s an ATM cash withdrawal or a credit card purchase at a local retailer, there are dozens of potential timestamps that could need to be tested and verified in real-time to validate the event,” commented Sparrow Marcioni, Sirrus Corp. CEO. “This mandatory secondary verification of each transaction is not a simple task and currently available solutions include expensive hardware requirements that make them economically impractical.”

RelifyTIME Verification Services platform provides certifiable digital time stamping which constantly verifies the accuracy of certain network events and transaction devices such as credit card machines and ATMs, validating them with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) time servers.

Marcioni continued, “Because our innovative and proprietary time verification services platform is predominantly software based with dramatically lower hardware requirements, Sirrus and RelifyTIME could be the first to market with a more cost-effective, versatile, and secure solution.”

Sirrus Security and RelifyTIME are currently working closely with contacts within the healthcare and financial sectors to build awareness and interest in the RelifyTIME Verification Services platform. The Company anticipates that RelifyTIME will establish pilot programs with select high volume transaction processors over the next several weeks.

Sirrus Security will receive a royalty fee of 40% of the gross profit from the Strategic Partnership with RelifyTIME.

About Sirrus Corp.

Sirrus Corp. (OTC PINK: SRUP) provides security technology products and services to assist companies with protecting their assets and information. The Company is primarily focused on providing cybersecurity services to healthcare companies in the United States, which are required to be in compliance with government regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”).

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About RelifyTIME

Founded by cybersecurity industry veterans, RelifyTIME is dedicated to changing the way that organizations think about time as a security control. The company’s sole focus is establishing a unique and secure method for providing time as a service.