MANDIANT Releases Highlighter Software

MANDIANT Corporation, a provider of information security products and services, announced the release of their newest free software offering, MANDIANT Highlighter™. MANDIANT’s Jason Luttgens and Jed Mitten, the creators of Highlighter, introduced the tool during their talk, A Picture Solves A Thousand Crimes: Graphical Log File Analysis , at the 2009 DoD Cyber Crime Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

Highlighter is a free utility designed primarily for network analysts. Highlighter provides a user with three views of the log or text file being analyzed: i) a text view that allows users to highlight interesting keywords and remove lines with irrelevant content; ii) a graphical, full-content view that shows all content and the full structure of the file, rendered as an image that is dynamically editable through the user interface; and iii) a histogram view that displays patterns in the file over time. Usage patterns become visually apparent and provide the examiner with useful metadata that is not available in other text viewers/editors.

Kevin Mandia, President and CEO at MANDIANT said, “By providing a graph that visualizes the anomalies in log files, Highlighter reduces the amount of time it takes analysts to review these files. Highlighter is a must-have tool for information security professionals who spend time analyzing logs or other structured text files.”

MANDIANT Highlighter is available for download by visiting


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