Ackroo adds 3 more product integrations

Ackroo Inc. a gift card, loyalty and rewards technology and services provider, announced the launch of its latest advancements to the Ackroo Anywhere platform with integration to Clinicmaster (PMS), POS simplicity and BEST point of sale software solutions. These integrations help expand Ackroo’s addressable market by allowing the thousands of merchants using these solutions who prefer or require direct integration to their management systems to work with Ackroo. Merchants will gain both operational and functional benefits from this advancement while Ackroo, Clinicmaster, POS simplicity and BEST all further differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Clinicmaster was designed to provide a full practice management solution (PMS) for healthcare professions and clinic owners — with more features, tools and partnerships than any other healthcare PMS. With over 1,000 clinics across multiple countries currently leveraging the benefits of this advanced management system, Clinicmaster has the necessary tools to help generate more revenue and increase profitability. For more information go to:

POS simplicity was first released in 2000 as a retail focused POS solution and has since evolved to support Quick Service Restaurants, Fine Dining Hospitality and Wineries. For more information go to:

BEST is a point of sale solution designed by cash register specialists. With a focus on convenience stores, grocery, pharmacy, other retail and hospitality merchants, they have grown to over 2,000 customers across Canada. For more information go to:

“Expanding our management system integrations is a key priority for Ackroo,” said Steve Levely, Chief Executive Officer at Ackroo. “Merchants continue to move to integrated solutions for the operational ease and reporting advantage it brings. There are also functional advantages from a gift card and loyalty stand point as direct integration to platforms like Ackroo’s integrates sku and departmental data allowing for advanced funding and redemption options as well as providing greater business insight. This insight helps drive marketing initiatives, general program and business management, and is an important option for Ackroo merchants. As Ackroo continues to grow our merchant base and support larger and larger merchant types, these advancements become important milestones for our product. This work represents our 6th management system integration this year on a goal of 8 so we are ahead of our plans in this area helping position Ackroo for even bigger success in 2017 and beyond.”

About Ackroo

Ackroo provides gift card and loyalty processing solutions to help retail and hospitality merchants attract, retain and grow their customers and their revenues. Through a SaaS based business model Ackroo provides an in-store and online automated solution to help merchants process gift card & loyalty transactions at the point of sale, provide key administrative and marketing data, and to allow customers to access and manage their gift card and loyalty accounts. Ackroo also provides important marketing services to assist their merchants with utilizing Ackroo’s technology solution. Ackroo is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. For more information, visit: