KSIX Completes Much Anticipated Agreement with True Wireless

KSIX Media Holdings, Inc., announced the signed equity agreement with True Wireless. The company will immediately begin managing True Wireless adding over $1.1 million dollars to the company’s monthly revenue.

Under the agreement, control of the company has shifted to Brian Cox. Cox brings an experienced team of blue chip accounting, legal, sales and operations teams. Cox noted, “The first step in my plan is to get KSIX Holdings’ combined revenues to over $2 Million a month. Operationally, we will be reorganizing to increase the company’s efficiency. We will synergize the KSIX-TRUE team so everyone has a specialized role with laser focus and a burning desire to grow the company.”

The company will be filing to change to a telecommunications classification. Cox stated, “I think the telecom sector will be one of the fastest growth sectors due to mobile wallets, blockchain technology and digital crypto-currency. This will create more dependence on our smartphones and connectivity. Look at the ICOs and what is going on around the world. I have already hired a lead programmer to help develop our digital stratagem worldwide.”

Cox also promised to catch the company up on its filings and keep them current, noting, “I believe you conduct yourself today, how you would like to be tomorrow, which is why KSIX will operate as if it were a blue chip company starting now.”

“We also want to connect with our shareholders by creating an environment where people can invest not only in the analytics of the company, but get to know us and be involved in our growth. To that end we are creating a company blog, newsletter, videos with question and answer sessions to keep our shareholders updated on our progress and direction. This momentum is now action based and it is no longer a story of what we will do……but what we are doing.”

KSIX Media Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: KSIX), a Las Vegas based company, helps companies make more profit by utilizing proprietary software and intellectual property to leverage social media marketing to help grow the online presence and sales of clients while reducing cost per acquisition. KSIX also provides perform based traffic and sales via ad network distribution.

True Wireless LLC, an Oklahoma based company, is a nationwide wireless carrier with the ability to provide service over all 4 major USA wireless backbones. True is a licensed eligible telecommunications carrier (OK, AR, MD, RI and TX) providing discounted and subsidized wireless (cell phone) and broadband service through the National Broadband Program.

About Brian Cox
Brian Cox has been the majority owner and CEO of True Wireless since January, 2011. True Wireless has been a leader and innovator in the lifeline and now national broadband initiative space. Mr. Cox got his start in telecom in 2004 when he founded his first telephone company. Through organic growth and acquisition, he grew the company to the largest prepaid home phone company in the country and sold it in late 2009.

Mr. Cox is a minority partner, investor and or stakeholder in several other technology companies including telecom, wireless and network transactions using blockchain programming with digital currencies. Mr. Cox is also passionate about the growth of his foundation for the advancement of lower income children based in Memphis, TN.

Mr. Cox has a proven track record of not only success but winning. Many aspects of his leadership style are contributed to what he learned on the football field while earning Team Captain and All-Conference honors at Murray State University while majoring in Economics.