GMUI Ramps Up with VITA Office Space and Secure Infrastructure Partner

Gold Mining USA, Inc. (OTC PINK: GMUI) today released new information on the Company’s progress with its recently acquired internet marketing/technology company and its mobile app VITA. Management expects the Company to be renamed VITA Mobile Systems, Inc., soon, in conjunction with the acquisition.

“We are pleased to announce that GMUI has successfully settled into the VITA offices,” stated CEO Sean Guerrero. “VITA’s offices include professional office space with an area specifically dedicated to the needs of our software development team. Additionally, our technology team has been working closely with a local partner to build the hybrid backend infrastructure that will support the VITA app at launch and beyond. It will ensure handling the worldwide traffic from the millions of content contributors and visitors that we are anticipating.”

Kyle Kohler, CTO, added, “VITA has solidified a strong partnership with an established data center company that has a large facility local to our office space. We are confident in the data center’s ability to handle VITA’s mobile traffic and data storage needs. This partnership will not only give VITA 24/7 online capability and support with the latest hardware available on the market, but will also allow the company to manage its capital expenditures with a cost efficient public and private cloud blended model as we launch the first app.”

“Our app is much more than just another social media ‘pretty face.’ Its functionality includes some fairly sophisticated tools including artificial intelligence, augmented reality and geolocation based imaging. Additionally, the VITA app will work with existing social networks by offering a much needed and true open network. We focused on finding a data center partner with the capacity to support both VITA’s data needs as well as keep our app online 24/7. We are extremely pleased with our partnership and are now working toward finalizing our app for launch,” concluded Kohler.

About VITA Mobile Systems

VITA Mobile Systems is an app company focusing on digital imaging and technology in mobile devices. Its first app release, called VITA, makes it easy to illustrate, record and share life’s events, creating an immersive crowd-sourced view of everyday life. The VITA community empowers its users to experience an event or view a location from a multitude of perspectives. By using a familiar and user friendly map to locate images and videos, users can easily view content as soon as it is created and share their favorites on their regular social media networks. VITA makes viewing life’s moments easier, faster, and more engaging.

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