Alation and Paxata Deliver Governance for Insight into Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Data Lakes

Alation Inc., the collaborative data company, and Paxata, the pioneer and leader in empowering all business consumers to intelligently transform raw data into ready information instantaneously, today announced a partnership and integration that simplifies establishing trust in the data lake. No longer is an understanding of the physical location and structure of data a constraint for business analysis. Together, Alation and Paxata enable data consumers to quickly discover and profile data in both raw and compressed formats, so immediate trust in data can be established no matter how that data is distributed — within a single data lake, across data lakes on-premises or within hybrid or multi-cloud data lake environments.

“Many of our customers have filled their data lakes with data, yet struggle to find the information they need. Business users and analysts simply can’t find, trust, or efficiently prepare the necessary data assets,” said Aaron Kalb, head of product, Alation. “Our partnership with Paxata empowers users with an easy way to both access and understand trustworthy data, regardless of their technical skills. Now, users can open any file in the data lake — whether it’s raw or compressed, JSON, Parquet, or Avro — and see what’s inside.”

Self-service data preparation in the data lake requires that users can trust the data and understand the nuances of its path from raw files into prepared structures, repeated queries, shared algorithms and eventually distributed dashboards and reports. Governance for Insight ensures that this context around how data was ingested and prepared is captured at each stage of the data pipeline and shared with data consumers to drive insights, based on trust in both the data and the algorithms that transform it into insights.

The integration between Alation and Paxata introduces a new “click-to-profile” data discovery feature that greatly reduces the time it takes to be able to understand and trust raw and compressed files. Users can start their data discovery in the Alation Data Catalog, find a trusted data asset and — with a single click — push it into Paxata’s Self-Service Data Prep Application, where they can profile and prepare data for analysis. Alation’s ability to automatically inventory data assets and collect their business context drives proactive recommendations for data governance and data usage that complement Paxata’s ability to support the self-service data wrangling needs of the data consumer.

“As the market for next-generation information management solutions has evolved, it has become clear that there is a powerful synergy between data preparation and data cataloging for achieving the information needs of all business consumers. With our joint emphasis on ease of use via intuitive user experiences and a strong emphasis on collaboration, we are excited to partner with Alation as we continue to fulfill our vision of bringing Self-Service Data Preparation to every analyst in the enterprise,” said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, co-founder and chief product officer, Paxata. “The joint value proposition of Paxata’s platform and Alation creates a seamless way for data lake users across an organization to achieve the fastest delivery of trustworthy business information.”

About Alation
Alation, the leader in collaborative data cataloging, empowers analysts and information stewards to search, query and collaborate for faster, more accurate insights. The Alation platform leverages artificial intelligence to automatically capture the rich context of enterprise data, including relationships between data sets, analyst usage and trusted insights. Customers include Albertsons, eBay, Pfizer, Square, and some of the world’s largest financial services firms. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Alation is funded by Costanoa Ventures, Data Collective, Harmony Partners, and Icon Ventures. For more information, visit

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About Paxata
Paxata is the pioneer in empowering all business consumers to intelligently transform raw data into ready information, instantly with an enterprise-grade, self-service, scalable, intelligent platform. Our Adaptive Information Platform weaves data into an information fabric from any source, any cloud, or any enterprise to create trusted information. With Paxata, business consumers use clicks, not code to achieve results in minutes, not months. Companies around the globe rely on Paxata to get smart about information at the speed of thought. Be an Information Inspired Business.

Paxata is headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in New York, Ohio, Washington DC, and Singapore. Visit or engage with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube.