InfoWorld Recognizes the Open Source Software Driving the Change of Pace in Technology

InfoWorld — the technology media brand committed to keeping IT decision-makers ahead of the technology curve — announces the winners of its 2017 Best of Open Source Software Awards, better known as the Bossies. Each year these awards recognize the software products that bring the most innovation and reinvention to IT departments, ranging from software development tools to data analytics software. The 68 winners in this year’s Bossie Awards are the tools and technologies that are answering IT’s questions and allowing businesses to excel in this changing period of digital business.

The 2017 awards recognize the top open source projects in five categories (Software Development, Cloud Computing, Databases and Analytics, Machine Learning, and Networking and Security), encompassing established tools and newcomers. This year’s winning projects were selected by InfoWorld editors and expert contributors, who have direct experience with open source technologies and currently work in IT and software development. These expert contributors and their first-hand familiarity with cutting-edge technologies are the foundations of InfoWorld’s product reviews and product awards.

“If you’re looking for something to blame for the blistering pace of change in information technology, look no further than open source,” said Doug Dineley, executive editor of InfoWorld. “Open source is reinventing how we develop software, analyze data, and build scalable systems right before our eyes. InfoWorld’s Bossie Awards celebrate the projects that are leading the way.”

InfoWorld’s 2017 Best of Open Source Software Award winners:

Software Development

  • Apollo Server
  • Clojure
  • Enzyme
  • Ethereum
  • Go
  • Kotlin
  • Kotlin Native
  • Lottie
  • .Net Core
  • OpenRemote
  • React Native
  • Rust
  • Scala Native
  • TypeScript
  • Visual Studio Code
  • WebAssembly

Cloud Computing

  • Awless
  • Docker
  • Envoy
  • Jaeger
  • Kops
  • Kubernetes
  • Linkerd
  • Moby and LinuxKit
  • OpenFaaS
  • Terraform
  • Zipkin

Databases and Analytics

  • Apache Arrow
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Kudu
  • Apache Solr
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache TinkerPop
  • Apache Zeppelin
  • CockroachDB
  • CrateDB
  • Cruise Control for Kafka
  • Greenplum
  • JanusGraph
  • MapD
  • R Project

Machine Learning

  • Apache MXNet
  • Caffe2
  • CatBoost
  • CoreML
  • GNU Octave
  • H2O
  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  • PyTorch
  • Scikit-learn
  • Synaptic
  • TensorFlow
  • XGBoost

Networking and Security

  • Aardvark
  • Bitscout
  • IsThisLegit
  • LEDE
  • Moloch
  • Ncrack
  • Phinn
  • Privacy Badger
  • Rudra
  • Securitybot
  • Security Graph Language
  • Signal
  • StrutsHoneypot
  • VersionEye
  • XRay

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About InfoWorld Best of Open Source Awards
Each year, InfoWorld’s Bossies (Best of Open Source Software awards) recognize the best open source software for businesses and IT professionals. InfoWorld’s central mission has always been to identify the most innovative products available to developers and IT organizations. Increasingly, those products — ranging from software development tools to cloud infrastructure software to big data platforms — come from open source projects. Bossie winners are chosen by InfoWorld editors and reviewers.

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