Technicote Licenses Two-Sided Thermal Label Technology From NCR

Technicote , a leader in the North American pressure sensitive adhesive roll label industry, has signed an agreement to license two-sided thermal (2ST ™ ) printing technology from NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR).

NCR’s patented two-sided printing technology , coupled with Technicote’s 2ST products, will provide customers the ability to print variable information on both the front and back sides of labels. This offers many benefits including enabling end-users to print shipping information on adhesive labels and print packing slips on the backs of these labels, thereby converting the formerly useless silicone coated liner into a useful packing document, eliminating the need for a separate packing slip, increasing efficiency and reducing cost and environmental impact.

“As a leading supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive roll label stock, Technicote is proud to be the first company to offer customers two-sided thermal printed pressure sensitive labels utilizing NCR’s 2ST technology,” said Doug O’Connell, general manager of Technicote. “The fact that Technicote was able to respond rapidly to this opportunity for our customers to save money and improve the environment by developing a broad range of 2ST products and a robust supply chain is testimony of Technicote’s ability to think outside the box. Technicote is well positioned to offer 2ST label printer users a wide range of 2ST label materials to meet their specific labeling requirements and take full advantage of this exciting new technology.”

“NCR’s innovative 2ST printing technology supports the growing demand for environmental stewardship while addressing other key business objectives such as optimizing productivity and lowering costs, quite simply by re-engineering the package shipping process,” said Dan Bogan, senior vice president and general manager of NCR Consumables , a leading provider of printer consumable solutions.

NCR offers commercially attractive licensing terms to other printer manufacturers and paper mills interested in its two-sided thermal-printing technology. For more information on NCR’s licensing program, contact the company at .

About Technicote

Technicote, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is privately held, headquartered in Miamisburg, OH. Technicote provides solutions to label converters seeking the best total value in material solutions. Technicote has manufacturing and distribution facilities across North America and has grown steadily from its founding in 1980 to be a major supplier to the pressure sensitive roll label industry. For more information contact Technicote marketing at 1-800-358-4448.