GE Chooses Vera to Enhance Security of Proprietary IP and Global Systems

Vera ( announced that GE (NYSE: GE) has selected it as its data-centric security solution to protect product designs, intellectual property, and proprietary data across the company. With Vera, GE is automatically securing IP across systems and maintaining control over how third parties can use and access sensitive documents throughout their entire lifecycle.

“GE is a data driven organization, and the engineering data we generate is critical to our competitive advantage,” said Nasrin Rezai, vice president, global chief information and product security officer at GE. “When product designs and specifications are shared without continuous protection as part of our supply chain collaboration and technical processes, they’re susceptible to theft or illegitimate use in today’s digital economy. Vera addresses this problem because we know even when shared externally, these files are protected at the source.”

As more companies use technology and data to drive innovation and growth, email encryption, audit, and access control is an absolute necessity. With Vera, GE will protect confidential data and email, prevent unwanted sharing, and dynamically revoke access to content. For both senders and recipients, Vera offers an unparalleled, zero-friction experience, eliminating complicated key exchanges and proprietary plug-ins, making email security simple and scalable across organizations.

“It’s an honor to enable GE to protect their most innovative and important intellectual property,” said Ajay Arora, CEO and co-founder of Vera. “GE continues to be one of the most respected companies in the world making it an unbelievable privilege to win the support of one of the bedrocks of industry of the last two centuries. With GE fully embracing a data-centric approach to cybersecurity, we’ve entered new and exciting era where the old paradigm of perimeter-based security is no longer the unquestioned norm. With Vera, GE can now protect their world-changing innovations anywhere and everywhere.”

GE has chosen Vera to:

  • Protect content and file sharing
    Through cloud content management services or over local file shares, Vera ensures only authorized parties can access sensitive data. The platform can seamlessly boost the security of any file that leaves GE with additional encryption, file-level usage rights, and document classification, and maintain that control anywhere the file travels.
  • Secure critical IP, CAD, and PLM data
    Vera is the first and only solution that protects computer-assisted design (CAD) files and data in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems with persistent security and control across all platforms.
  • Provide dynamic authentication for critical documents
    Vera’s policy-driven two-factor authentication protects highly-classified information ensuring only authorized partners can access it. Based on the sensitivity of a document, where it’s been stored, and who has access, Vera automatically requires an additional authentication factor to confirm they are the right party to access sensitive data.
  • Enable advanced data security for custom business apps
    By using Vera’s Platform through their native SDK and RESTful APIs, companies can directly protect and manage access to any data generated by applications. Once encrypted, Vera provides full visibility into how that data is used, anywhere it travels.

For more information, reach out to us for a demo of our Vera for CAD capabilities. And if you’re a business that designs, builds and manufactures complex products and needs to protect innovative ideas, check out our Manufacturing Guide to Data Security.

About Vera
Vera is a next-generation data security company enabling businesses of all sizes to secure, track and share any kind of data, no matter where it’s stored or located. With robust policy enforcement, strong encryption and strict access controls, Vera’s data-centric security solution enables employees to collaborate freely while ensuring the highest levels of security, visibility and control. For more information, visit