PDX Partners Inc. Ramps Up With Telecom Plays

PDX Partners Inc. (OTC PINK: PDXP), a marketing and diversified holdings company, announces that it has executed an exclusive marketing agreement with TeleQuery.Net, Inc. Founded in June of 2000, TeleQuery invents, develops, markets, and sells secure telecom services, broadcasting, consumer/business/government databases, a patented motorcycle towing device, and other specialized products to the US, Europe, South America, and Austral-Asia. PDX will provide development capital and advertising budget to develop and market new and existing TeleQuery products.

Who’s Calling Me?™ is an iOS and Android telephone number information and directory look-up service app. SuperTraks.com™ is a group of advertiser-supported Internet radio stations. USAnswers.com™ is a B-to-B marketing and Emergency Calling Service. And, Life Matte™ is a Surreptitious Mobile Audio Recording System, with the iOS version due to be released in Fall of 2017.

“We are thrilled to be partners with TeleQuery, as they have proven applications that have a track record of generating handsome returns on their advertising spends,” said CEO Patrick Johnson. “We look forward to growing both of our entities together,” he said.

“I’m really excited to work with Patrick to make the relationship with PDX and TeleQuery an enormous success,” said TeleQuery President Jerry Gilels.

About TeleQuery™

TeleQuery is an invention center. Mr. Gilels and his participants develop and contribute necessary, reasonably-priced solutions to the world in an effort to solve a range of problems simply and efficiently. TeleQuery serves vertical markets which include advertising, outbound voice and data messaging, voice mail, secure calling, secure bi-directional call recording, financial transaction processing, legal gaming, specialized cloud processing and storage services. For more information go to: https://TeleQuery.Net

About Who’s Calling Me?™
Who’s Calling Me?™ is an iOS and Android telephone directory billed-party look-up service application.
For more information go to: http://RealCID.com

About SuperTraks™
SuperTraks.com™ is a group of advertiser-supported Internet Radio Station.
For more information go to: http://SuperTraks.com

About USAnswers™
USAnswers.com™ is a B-to-B outbound marketing and Survey platform, and an Emergency Calling Service.
For more information go to: http://USAnswers.com

About Life Matters™
Life Matters™ is a iOS-based surreptitious mobile audio recording system. LM utilizes Apple’s in-app purchasing to buy keys to unlock its encrypted personal safety and other business or personal conversation recordings. The iOS version is due to be released in the Fall of 2017.

About PDX Partners
PDX Partners, Inc. (OTC PINK: PDXP ) is a telecom company dedicated to creating revenue and shareholder value by marketing telecom products and acquiring other long-term growth assets. The company was founded in 1997.