Ontario on the Right Path to Creating a More Efficient, Effective Energy Grid

Opus One Solutions, a leader in smart grid software solutions and services, applauds the Government of Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP). The Government is placing Ontario in a leadership position by enabling and unlocking the benefits of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) using grid modernization and customer empowerment, thereby finding greater efficiencies in the provincial energy market.

In particular, the company is encouraged to see the focus on non-wires alternatives and integrated planning as an avenue for cost-effective and efficient grid management for utilities and customers.

“Innovation and integration of clean, renewable energy sources within the traditional distribution network are the way of the future,” says Joshua Wong, President and CEO of Opus One Solutions. “Minister Thibeault and his Government’s Long-Term Energy Plan’s commitments illustrate that Ontario recognizes the urgency and necessity of finding more sustainable, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.”

Opus One provides a suite of solutions via its GridOS® platform that allows utility partners to use integrated planning, real-time data and model-based planning tools to analyze energy supply and demand, optimize available grid resources, and maximize capacity. This information and integration is becoming increasingly important as utilities plan and manage higher penetrations of solar, energy storage, demand response, electric vehicles, and other distributed energy resources (DERs).

“The Long-Term Energy Plan charts a path forward into a decentralized, digitized, decarbonized, and democratized energy future, supporting the Province’s and Canada’s Climate Change objectives,” says Hari Subramaniam, Chief of Strategic Growth and Policy.

Transactive Energy is the key to enabling the proliferation of DERs and unlocking their true potential across the energy value chain by allowing them to participate and provide services in Ontario’s electricity market. This will facilitate new business models, such as community owned DERs and virtual net metering, thereby encouraging new market participants and greater customer choice.

“Opus One Solutions is a leader in the creation of the world’s first Transactive Energy platform as part of the New York Reforming Energy Vision initiative. We are looking forward to further enhancing this technology in the Ontario market,” adds Subramaniam.

Opus One is focused on connecting the distributed energy network and helping utilities better manage their energy resources through its innovative software intelligence solutions.

With today’s announcements, the company sees even more opportunities to work with utilities, other energy partners and consumers in Ontario to create a more efficient and effective distributed energy grid that increases reliability reduces carbon emissions and electricity costs.

About Opus One Solutions

Opus One Solutions is a software engineering and solutions company with the vision of a distributed energy network. Opus One’s intelligent energy networking platform, GridOS®, optimizes complex power flows so that it can deliver real-time energy management and integrated planning to distribution utilities and other managers of distributed energy assets. GridOS is modular, scalable, and integrates seamlessly with existing data systems to unlock greater potential for distributed energy resources, including renewable generation, energy storage, and responsive demand. GridOS also facilitates the management of microgrids – from homes to businesses to communities – for unparalleled grid resiliency and value to the electricity customer.