Validian’s Technology Recommended by Cyber Security Expert for Securing & Enhancing Mobile and Web Communications

Validian Corporation (OTCQB: VLDI) (“Validian” or the “Company”), a leading innovator in cyber security technology, is pleased to announce that Validian’s technology has been recommended by renowned cyber security expert, Rafael Gorgal, for securing and enhancing mobile and web messaging and social media apps.

There is a growing understanding that similar to the individual Internet of Things (IoT) components used in a myriad of computer controlled products throughout the world, mobile messaging apps and social media apps may not always be the actual target of a cyber attack. Instead they increasingly are being used as the gateway to the network to which they are connected, with the real targets being the valuable enterprise assets on that network — the data. Recently, some of the mainstream mobile messaging and social media apps, even those using the TLS 1.1 crypto protocol and sophisticated filter based, cyber security products, have been exploited successfully for this purpose.

“We are very impressed with our testing of installations of the Validian Protect Platform and Module as well as the usage and testing of the Validian-enabled Ganthet Mobile Messaging App, which have superior cyber security and also enhanced features and capabilities, such as large message support and control over the usage of data,” stated Rafael Gorgal, Co-Founder of G-C Partners, LLC. “We believe that integrating Validian’s technology into existing or new mobile and web messaging and social media apps will solve a number of outstanding cyber security issues that have been exploited in successful cyber attacks.”

“We are excited that noted information security professionals are now recommending Validian Protect as the cyber security solution of choice,” commented Bruce Benn, Validian’s CEO. “Some of the large corporations currently in discussions with Validian regarding strategic partnership agreements are interested in using Validian’s technology to secure and enhance their mobile and web messaging and social media apps. Nearly every mobile and web messaging app and social media app in the market today has significant cyber security issues as well as similar features and capabilities. We believe that Validian’s superior cyber security will greatly reduce those threats and in tandem with Validian’s differentiating features enable these apps to drive viral adoption in regional and global enterprise and consumer market sectors.”

About Rafael Gorgal
Rafael Gorgal is a Partner with the firm of G-C Partners LLC, a digital forensics and information security consultancy, and is the three term past President of the Southwest Chapter, High Technology Crime Investigations Association. He is a recognized expert in data security for a number of multinational companies and U.S. government departments and agencies as well as a frequent speaker on cyber security to a number of industry conferences.

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About Validian Corporation
Validian Corporation (OTCQB: VLDI) is a leading innovator in cybersecurity technology that encompasses and seamlessly protects applications and the complete life cycle of data within its virtual closed systems, providing secure access, retrieval, transfer, receipt, storage and usage of digital information on all devices, operating systems and technology platforms regardless of any type of known or unknown cyber attack or vulnerability or if the host device or network has been hacked or improperly accessed, infected with viruses or malware, or otherwise compromised. Validian technology enables the next generation of secure Mobile Messaging and Communications, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Distributed Computing and Web Application and WebPortal Access and Usage, Software Defined Networking, the Internet of Things and SCADA, for computers, servers, data bases, intelligent sensors, tablets and SmartPhones on wired, wireless and mobile networks.