AtmanCo becomes ATW Tech

After having built its reputation in technologies with its scientifically validated psychometric tests, ATW Tech (‘AtmanCo’) has acquired strategic and transformative businesses and today manages a diversified portfolio of interactive communication solutions. Our objective with this name change is to better reflect our Company’s strategic vision, as well as better define the power and expertise of our solutions.

“Considering this new reality and our vision which is to provide companies and consumers with a renewed experience in interactive communications, we are pleased to present you our new website” said Michel Guay, President of ATW Tech.

You can find all the necessary information on the new Company’s website at

Additional information regarding the Company are available on SEDAR Note that the legal name change would be voted at the next shareholders meeting.

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ATW Tech (‘AtmanCo’) (TSX VENTURE:ATW) is a leader in information technology, owner of several web platforms including VoxTel, Québec Rencontres, VuduMobile, Atman and Bloomed. VoxTel offers various interactive landline and mobile carrier billing phone solutions. Quebec Rencontres is a web and mobile social network application catered to building serious and sustainable relationships. VuduMobile is specialized the text messaging business for enterprises through its unique, user-friendly and bilingual test messaging application et turnkey solution allowing management of text message management programs in all kind of businesses. Atman and its APIs enable companies to optimize their human capital. Bloomed is a cloud-based platform to manage data (smart data) on consumers and their behaviors, which is developed for marketing agencies and their campaigns for the consumer and corporate markets.