Willowstick Technologies Wins iQ Award for Green Business

Willowstick Technologies, the leading provider of innovative subsurface water mapping services, was recognized as one of the top earth-friendly businesses in the state, winning an award in the category of Green Business at Utah Business magazine’s iQ Awards.

In a ceremony at Salt Lake City’s Wells Fargo Bank Building, Willowstick was recognized for providing alternatives to traditional methods of groundwater detection . Willowstick’s AquaTrack ™ detection method creates contoured, 3-D renderings of subsurface water with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. The resulting information can be used by businesses and communities to identify subsurface water pathways for possible public use, groundwater cleanup, exploration or many other purposes.

“Utah Business magazine’s iQ Awards program honors companies that have demonstrated progressive thinking, hard work and innovation. Willowstick, iQ award recipient in the Green Business category, has proven to be a company that exemplifies those traits,” said Utah Business magazine Managing Editor Sarah Ryther-Francom. “The company’s innovative AquaTrack technology deserves such recognition, as it is helping to safely and ‘greenly’ map water systems throughout the world. Utah Business was pleased to honor Willowstick for this technology and the company’s overall innovative processes.”

“We’re pleased to be recognized by Utah Business and Wasatch Digital IQ for our efforts because we believe our technology can help companies to be good stewards of our environment,” said Paul Rollins, Willowstick’s vice president of business development. “We take pride in the fact that our technology can help to protect our precious groundwater resources and our clients appreciate the fact that they can save money by reducing drilling and eliminating guesswork.”

The iQ (innovation quotient) Awards are awarded in 10 categories, each containing three finalists culled from dozens of nominees. The purpose of the awards, presented by Utah Business and Utah Digital IQ magazines, is to recognize Utah companies driving the latest in technology innovation.

AquaTrack is a patented non-intrusive geophysical technique capable of mapping groundwater at depths exceeding 3,500 feet (1 kilometer) over large areas. The mapped water body is energized, and the electrical current flows preferentially through saturated subsurface materials, creating an induced magnetic field that is measured at multiple points on the ground surface, typically in a grid pattern. This data is then turned into multiple renderings that display valuable characteristics about the location of groundwater preferential flow paths.

To see how AquaTrack works and to learn more about Willowstick, please log on http://www.willowstick.com .

About Willowstick

Willowstick is a leading provider of innovative subsurface water mapping services. Its proprietary, proven technologies, AquaTrack™ and RaMPS™, give clients an enhanced understanding of subsurface water characteristics. This increased knowledge and insight allow industry leaders to more efficiently and cost-effectively plan remediation and monitoring strategies for their hydrogeologic needs, saving them time and money. For more information, please visit www.willowstick.com or call 801.984.9850.