KDS Awarded Silver Accreditation by “Investors in People”

KDS (kds.com), a leading supplier of online solutions for business travel booking, confirms its commitment to developing the talents of its workforce. The company offers employees the opportunity to flourish in their positions, with an ethical Human Resource policy that concentrates on the training, monitoring and support of its people. As a result of this commitment the company has been awarded the “Investors in People” label for the second time, reflecting the company’s continued focus on employee development.

The only internationally recognized Human Resource management standard, “Investors in People” is a quality certification for companies in the area of Human Resource management. This label defines the criteria that will allow a company to effectively lead, support and manage Human Resources in a way that will attain sustainable results.

This accreditation is the result of teamwork, and it reflects the company spirit of KDS. “Investors in People” is a strong indicator of our brand as an employer, which continues to help us attract talented people and also challenges us every day to offer the best working environment for our team.” noted Roxana Bressy, CEO of KDS.

“Investors in People” relies on a methodology that takes into account the most recent trends, the essential skills and the operating structures that allow any company to become more successful, regardless of the sector in which they operate.

The certification is obtained after a very thorough study conducted by external auditors, during which 50 themes are evaluated for example involvement and accountability, training and skills development, and performance measurement. KDS passed the evaluation of all criteria in the “silver” category and has exceeded in some areas with a “gold” rating in the categories for: “Leading and Inspiring People” and “Living the Organization’s Values”

Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People, adds: “We would like to congratulate KDS; the label Investors in People is testament to its excellence as an employer, to its marvelous working environment and to its clear commitment to success. KDS has every right to be extremely proud of this achievement.

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