ONE-AppConfig™ Eliminates Separate Platform and Vendor Specific Implementations

Appdome, the mobile industry’s first no-code, cloud hub for mobile app integration, today announces ONE-AppConfig™ by Appdome. ONE-AppConfig is yet another first in enterprise mobility from Appdome: a single solution for the complete implementation of the AppConfig standard on iOS and on all Android variants. ONE-AppConfig makes it easy for app publishers (ISVs), mobile developers and enterprises to add managed security to apps, all the while ensuring full compatibility with any mobile device management (MDM) system; whether or not the MDM Vendor supports AppConfig for a specific iOS version or Android variant.

One Unified AppConfig Implementation for All Platforms and Vendors

AppConfig as a standard for MDM, does not replace the proprietary events used by each MDM to invoke AppConfig features inside the app. So, each MDM supports AppConfig in its own unique way. As a developer, knowing how to support each MDM vendor with a single AppConfig implementation can be a challenge. In addition, the Android mobile operating system has multiple variants. MDM vendors often don’t support one or more of these variants. Worse, if they do support more than one Android variant, the burden is often on the developer to build, maintain and support multiple overlapping methods inside an app.

“For ISVs, this release is critically important,” says David Mario Smith, founder and principal of InFlow Analysis. “Supporting AppConfig in the Android ecosystem has been historically tricky. With ONE-AppConfig, ISVs who are supporting the AppConfig standard can now offer a full Android implementation of AppConfig. And the fact that every ONE-AppConfig implementation also seals the app with the ONEShield™ by Appdome protection is an extra bonus.”

ONE-AppConfig supports all MDM vendor-specific AppConfig implementations, transmitting the right events to the app based on the MDM managing the device. Appdome’s ONE-AppConfig contains the logic, event-handling and other methods needed to ensure a high-quality managed-app experience via AppConfig.

One-Click Implementation of AppConfig Feature Set

ONE-AppConfig provides both a solution and a guarantee, delivered exclusively by Appdome for the mobile industry. As a solution, ONE-AppConfig includes two key elements:

1. Client-side AppConfig implementation that is compatible with all MDMs that support AppConfig, and

2. Features from the Appdome Mobile Security Suite, including:

  • Enforce App Encryption: Encrypts the data in the app on the device. Creates a secure data container that prevents other apps from accessing the app’s data, including preventing the same app on a different device from opening the encrypted data.
  • Disable Copy-Paste: Protects app data from being copied and pasted outside the app.
  • Disable Screen Capture: Prevents screenshots of the app and disables app screen sharing while presenting from a PC.
  • Jailbreak Prevention: Detects whether a user is running the app on a jailbroken/rooted device.
  • Passcode / TouchID: Uses Fingerprint/Pincode to unlock an app.
  • Favor Native iOS Security: Favors use of device Pincode when it’s available.

“Up until now, there hasn’t been one unifying implementation for AppConfig,” says Tom Tovar, CEO of Appdome. “Mobile platform and MDM vendor diversity has been a well know challenge for the AppConfig community. ONE-AppConfig eliminates platform and vendor differences, offering app publishers and developers one AppConfig implementation for all use cases.”

ONE-AppConfig by Appdome ensures full compatibility with the AppConfig Community’s best practices. To learn more, download the ONE-AppConfig™ by Appdome datasheet or visit to request a demo and start a free trial.

About Appdome

Appdome is a productivity platform for mobile integration, providing the rapid integration of multiple third-party functions to apps, shortening the deployment cycle and connecting mobile apps to other services on demand. The codeless service operates as a mobile integration workflow in the cloud and allows users to perform integration projects on the final application package. No source code or development expertise is required. Likewise, no modifications to an app or an SDK are required to complete integration projects on the platform. The solution is currently used by the world’s leading financial, healthcare and e-commerce companies to support productivity, compliance and security for consumers and employees. The company is based in Silicon Valley, United States and Tel Aviv, Israel.