New Context Director of Standards Development, Trey Darley, Named to OASIS Advisory Board

New Context protects data and the movement of data in highly regulated industries. Their Lean Security methodology integrates security into software development, critical infrastructure, and architecture. Today they announced that Trey Darley, Director of Standards Development, has been appointed to the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) of the international standards group, OASIS. In this position, Darley will help shape the group’s technical approach, which encompasses cybersecurity, privacy, cloud computing, and other areas of standardization and open source development.

“Trey was chosen, not only for his considerable technical knowledge, but also because he is so widely respected in the community,” said Chet Ensign, Director of Standards Development for OASIS. “In his work as a co-chair of the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee, Trey has proven adept at leading people with differing, sometimes competitive, positions to productive consensus. STIX, TAXII, and OpenC2 have gained tremendously from Trey’s contributions and diplomacy skills.”

Upon hearing of his appointment Darley said, “Practically everything I’ve touched in my work originated in a standards body. In fact, the world we inhabit and the technologies we all take for granted would not be possible without open standards gluing it all together.

When I had the opportunity to meet Vint Cerf, I giddily wracked my brain about which RFC to ask him to autograph. (Answer: RFC4838.) Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to end up in standards development myself. Along the way I learned that people and politics are like 85% of the work. Making the shift from debugging code to debugging people’s conflicting interests in order to achieve the optimal technical outcome was an interesting challenge.

Having worked in this space for some years, it’s exciting to move up a level beyond working on a handful of specific standards and look at how to make the entire process work better for everybody.”

Darley was appointed by the OASIS Board of Directors to fill the seat formerly held by Kevin Mangold of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

New Context continues to invest in standards and technologies that are important for the advancement of cyber security practices for critical infrastructure.

About New Context:

New Context protects data and the movement of data in highly regulated industries. Our Lean Security approach integrates security into critical infrastructure, software development and architecture. New Context is developing a singular design pattern that unifies the latest solutions in automation, AI, blockchain and biometrics, and partners with the leaders in government and industry. We’re passionate about keeping the connected world safe.