Data Center Product Veteran Josh Neuroth Joins Inflect to Lead Product Development Team

Inflect is throttling up its product development and management engines with the addition of Josh Neuroth to the role of vice president, product. Most recently Neuroth was global product manager for portals at Digital Realty, where he was responsible for driving the portal product roadmap and marketplace.

At Digital Realty, Neuroth built the ordering wizard for on-demand SDN interconnection into the cloud, called Digital Realty Service Exchange. Under his watch, Digital Realty achieved several major advancements, including creating SDN connections from their data center into AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google Cloud, Alibaba and others.

Prior to Digital Realty, Neuroth helped build an award-winning marketplace for more than 500 carriers, enterprises and cloud providers for Telx, which was later acquired by Digital Realty.

“A great product leader knows how to translate customer needs into a product roadmap and work with engineering to build a truly useful product,” said Mike Nguyen, founder and CEO of Inflect. “But very few have the vision and ability to build partner ecosystems, find new market opportunities and revenue streams. Josh has proven himself to be a great product leader with uncommon vision, attuned to the needs of both existing and potential partners and users.”

“Complexity in the industry is only growing. Companies need to procure complex hybrid infrastructure across multiple providers and regions,” said Neuroth. “Inflect is using data-science to build a product that is fundamentally transforming that process by leveraging the interests of both buyers and sellers, replacing frustration with a beautiful use experience for everyone involved. Building that product is an exciting challenge. The team has already made big strides in that direction, and I’m excited to be a part of that team.”

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Inflect’s mission is to make the buying and selling of internet infrastructure frictionless. To accomplish this, Inflect is building the system of record for the industry. Inflect’s first product is a marketplace that provides a data driven experience for both buyers and sellers, making it as easy to buy colocation and network as it is to buy public cloud. Buyers and sellers can collaborate in a way that has not been possible before, removing the constraints of internet infrastructure and unlocking the pace of innovation in the global economy.