Emergent Integrates Illuminate Labs’ Beast Global Illumination System with Gamebryo

Emergent has integrated Illuminate Labs’ Beast system with the award-winning Gamebryo development platform . Beast will complement Gamebryo’s powerful animation system by adding the ability to quickly create complex, highly-detailed light maps with advanced global illumination.

Emergent created Gamebryo to provide the industry’s most flexible and extensible game development platform. The company’s robust partner program ensures customers have the industry’s most powerful tech by providing more than a dozen integrated solutions to choose from. By removing the risk involved with developing core technology, studios can focus their efforts on creative and polishing their titles. The Beast system follows this philosophy by letting artists focus on the end result instead of spending time tuning light sources and objects. Light maps, shadow maps and point clouds can be applied easily to Gamebryo’s GSA files. This application enables the rapid creation of dynamic relighting of objects and characters.

As gamers’ tastes grow more sophisticated, implementing realistic lighting becomes more important and a challenge. Illuminate Labs’ easy-to-use system addresses that challenge by facilitating the creation of photo-realistic lighting environments and life-like characters. This will complement the new Gamebryo animation system introduced earlier in the year that was optimized for up to 40 percent gains in memory and cache for notable performance increases.

“Gamebryo’s widespread use in hundreds of projects on all the major platforms and genres makes Emergent a perfect strategic partner to help spread Beast’s adoption,” said Magnus Wennerholm, CEO, Illuminate Labs. “When Emergent says that they have a flexible development platform, they mean it. It took no time at all to have Gamebryo and Beast working together.”

Illuminate Labs is part of Emergent’s Partner Program which has grown significantly this year. More than a dozen of the industry’s top development software companies have joined as the number of projects using Gamebryo has climbed into the hundreds. The program was created to ensure that developers would have access to a roster of high-quality middleware and tools that work seamlessly together. The company is currently completing integrations with additional partners whose products span every aspect of development.

“I was blown away when I saw a scene that already looked great in Gamebryo become intensely multi-dimensional and realistic when we used Beast,” said Katie Morgan, VP of sales and marketing, Emergent. “Partners like Illuminate Labs are a great fit for Emergent, we have kindred goals that aim to evolve the way games are made.”

Additional information on how to participate in the Partner Program can be found at www.emergent.net .