DVD Replication Company CD Digital Card Introduces Global Garde Copy Protection

It has been two years in the making, but optical disc replication company , CD Digital Card is now bringing to customers the most effective and comprehensive means available for protecting their digital content. The company is introducing the revolutionary Global Garde technology, which is a copy protection program exclusive to CD Digital Card .

Global Garde is already making waves as “the holy grail of anti-piracy and copy protection.” The technology is regarded as an efficient means of solving problems related to piracy and fair-use protection for intellectual property that can cost industries billions of dollars in profits worldwide. Dr. Thomas M. Fryer, CEO of 2 Geeks In A Lab, a company instrumental in the development of the software, has stated that Global Garde “is transparent to the end user and restores full control of the contents to the content owner… We are proud of CD Digital Card’s commitment and vision.”

The protection program works for any media type including CD, DVD, USB, Blu-Ray, and others, and has compatibility with Windows XP/Vista and Macintosh OS X programs. Compared to other programs such as Hexalock and SecuROM, which can take four or more hours to implement, Global Garde takes just five minutes. Also in comparison with these other protection softwares, there are no minimum data requirements, every file is protected within a set, fair use copies can be created, and protected files are ready for physical media and Internet distribution. The program also works with any file type including pdf. Those interested in learning more about the full extent of benefits provided by the program can contact DVD Replication company CD Digital Card today for a free consultation on protecting their valuable content at 1-800-268-1256.

About CD Digital Card

CD Digital Card is a Rancho Cucamonga, CA-based CD/DVD Replication operation that has partnered with software development company 2 Geeks In a Lab to provide customers with the new Global Garde program, which has proven to be superior to other leading software and intellectual property protection programs on the market. The company also provides a range of services related to disc duplication / reproduction, and third party fulfillment. CD Digital Card invites companies in need of services for producing and protecting their intellectual property files, to visit http://www.cddigitalcard.com today.