Tier 1 US Operator Engages Celcite Network Management and Optimization Expertise

Celcite Management Solutions ( www.celcite.com ), the world’s leading provider of network optimization tools for wireless networks, today announced the immediate availability of its Centralized Maintenance and Optimization Center (CMOC), which enables mobile operators to remotely manage and optimize their networks on a day-to-day basis. CMOC, which is powered by Celcite’s flagship multi-suite, vendor agnostic optimization solution COPS, also provides the means for managed services providers to reduce OPEX, increase efficiencies and provide centralized skills centers for multi-vendor networks.

Celcite has also announced that a major wireless Tier 1 operator in the USA has engaged with Celcite to utilize CMOC for the remote management and optimization of one of its networks thus achieving considerable cost savings as well as the benefit of a unified view of the networks from a single platform and a centralized competency and skills centre. CMOC provides a cost effective way of monitoring the network and managing pre-launch, post-launch and ongoing optimization from a single unified platform and a centralized optimization center.

Celcite will be using CMOC and COPS to perform both maintenance and optimization of the operator’s network from a centralized remote centre. The CMOC team will undertake the overall optimization of the network to meet or improve the target KPIs, including activities such as root cause analysis, network compliance checks, discrepancies checks, audits, traffic and layer management, neighbor optimization, interference analysis and resolution of problem areas, including script generation where required. The CMOC team will also perform daily and hourly monitoring based on alarms, configuration changes and KPI degradation.

“COPS is already helping 3G and GSM operators manage over 200,000 multi-vendor, multi-technology sectors with substantial improvements in efficiency (more than 60%) resulting in reduced OPEX, as well as achieving better KPIs and establishing consistency between different engineers and markets,” commented Rahul Sharma, CEO of Celcite. “Deploying CMOC allows wireless operators to drastically cut OPEX as well as shifting existing resources to both accelerate the launch of new technologies such as LTE and upgrade the capacity of existing networks to support growing data traffic.”

COPS is a multi-vendor, multi-technology solution, capable of managing a diverse set of data sources through a single unified platform. It uses Automatic Intelligence Correlation (AIC™) in the form of embedded engineering expertise to provide automatic root cause analysis and executable solutions. COPS has been developed to bring about a paradigm shift from ‘person centric’ to ‘automation centric’ network optimization and management techniques.

About Celcite Management Solutions

Celcite Management Solutions was founded in 2003, and has grown rapidly by providing wireless consulting services and customized network performance tools to wireless operators. Our expert consultancy, turnkey engineering services and engineering expertise for customized wireless tools, in combination with our proprietary optimization tools, uniquely allow us to leverage the depth (technology) and breadth (presence) to deliver optimal solutions, offering the right skill set at competitive pricing.

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