New Aestiva Invoice Approval Product Brings Accounting Under Control

Aestiva announced this week a new software product – called Aestiva Invoice Approval – for creating, approving, and managing invoice payment requests.

The 100% browser-based software product includes important security, notification, SOX compliance, management, and reporting features so companies and A/P departments can manage their invoice payment approval processes effectively, efficiently and correctly.

Aestiva Invoice Approval provides transaction-archiving and a comprehensive audit-trail. Companies can track invoices against GL codes, projects, and budgets to ensure compliance with funding sources and regulatory guidelines, plus easily research disputed items. The product includes built-in dynamic and customizable reporting, so organizations can analyze and review invoice approval and spending habits.

Installed on standard servers, Aestiva Invoice Approval , requires no special desktop software. It is highly scalable for deployment in global enterprises using minimal IT resources. Users can access the application via an Intranet or the Internet from any browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and others) running on any end-user computer operating system (Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux).

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About Aestiva Software:

Founded in 1996, Aestiva serves over a thousand customers worldwide. Aestiva solutions significantly streamline and improve business processes. The company specializes in 100% browser-native technology that can be installed with limited or no IT overhead. Live web demonstrations are available by calling 1-888-AESTIVA (237-8482) or 1-310-697-0338.