AllSeated Launches First Ever Dynamic Virtual Reality Application for Event Industry

AllSeated today unveiled the only dynamic virtual reality (VR) platform for the event industry, making it possible – for the first time – for venues and event planners to design every detail of an event and share 360-degree VR “walk-throughs” with clients, well in advance of an event. This capability, unique to AllSeated, radically enhances the event planning process, saves time, money, resources, eliminates surprises and mistakes, and allows changes to event floorplans and details in real-time.

The new AllSeatedVR is the first application of its kind for the vast $200 billion global event planning market. Today, one in 10 U.S. events is created using AllSeated’s innovative online tools, and the company already has more than 100 existing customers enabled for the new VR platform. They project to have more than 1,000 venues in their VR library in 2019.

VR makes it possible for venues and professional event planners to enhance their clients’ overall experience. With VR-enabled venues and laser-accurate scaled floorplans, planners can bring an event to life in a way 2D storyboards or online 360-degree video tours cannot. Compatible with a wide range of VR headsets including Facebook’s Oculus Go, HTC’s Vive, and the Samsung Gear VR, AllSeatedVR allows venues and planners to design every detail of an event, including furniture choices, table linens and placeware, ornament designs, dance floors, color themes, unique touches, and more. The tool also serves as a differentiator to win and close business through pre-event visualization.

“Tools like AllSeatedVR, with immersive virtual viewing of our property and the ability to make changes in real-time, is beyond anything we could have expected and gives us a competitive edge,” said Mike Warren, Director of Catering, The Plaza New York. “Technology for our industry is a game changer if it adds to our top line, improves operational efficiency, saves time and money, and provides something really special for our clients. That’s definitely what AllSeatedVR brings to the table.”

In addition to the VR design components, AllSeatedVR includes seating charts, the ability to track RSVPs and menu choices, timeline creation, task lists for vendors, and offers guest mobile check-in. Using a VR headset, venue clients can access event layout and design, invite collaborators, and become fully-immersed in every detail as if they were physically in the event space. This gamification of event planning makes the process more time- and cost-effective for planners and makes planning simpler, more flexible, and enjoyable for clients.

“Virtual reality has been around for a long time, but the introduction of amazingly capable wireless headsets at the $200-400 price range – one tenth of the previous generation – makes them finally ripe for mass market adoption,” said Yaron Lipshitz, AllSeated CEO. “With 20 years of gaming experience, our development team easily determined how VR could revolutionize the event industry, in areas such as sales and marketing, vendor selection, event planning, collaboration, and ultimately search and discovery. For those reasons, VR-based event planning is one of VR’s first real killer apps!”

About AllSeated
AllSeated drives product innovation, customer support and radical simplification of event planning to help deliver the world’s finest event experiences. AllSeated has transformed the event industry from pen-and-paper to an all-digital platform where the entire ecosystem – venues, caterers, planners and vendors – can come together to delight and collaborate with their clients and hosts. We help our community grow their business using AllSeatedVR, offering 3D floorplans to scale, virtual reality walk-throughs, tools such as guest lists, seating charts, timelines, mobile check-in and more! We innovate constantly, adopting the most cutting-edge, ultra-advanced technologies to bring the best user experience and value. Headquartered in San Francisco, AllSeated can be found at Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.