cleverbridge Management Application Sets New Standards in Flexible and Efficient E-Commerce Management

cleverbridge, a provider of advanced e-commerce solutions, today announced that it has enhanced its downloadable e-commerce management application, the Commerce Assistant SM , with new features to help software vendors more efficiently manage their e-commerce initiatives and to increase their online revenue. As a downloadable application built on .NET technology, the Commerce Assistant, which debuted as part of the cleverbridge e-commerce platform in 2005, provides software companies with unprecedented e-commerce management capabilities.

“When we developed the Commerce Assistant, we knew that it would represent a paradigm shift,” said Christian Blume, co-founder and CEO at cleverbridge. “As the industry’s first downloadable e-commerce management application, the Commerce Assistant provides clients with real-time sales data and the ability to instantly make adjustments to optimize marketing strategies, all without having to contact our support personnel. Now, three years later, it’s exciting to see how effectively the application helps clients become more productive, lower operational costs and increase revenue.”

The Commerce Assistant combines several key e-commerce components, such as: multivariate testing, real-time reporting, partner management, customer service and marketing tools, into a single application. With its latest release, the Commerce Assistant has been enhanced with features including:

  • Automated up, cross and sub-selling campaigns: Clients now have access to flexible templates, developed using proven e-commerce best practices, to create customized marketing campaigns designed to increase shopping cart values.
  • Improved role management capabilities: The Commerce Assistant now includes a granular rights management system allowing clients to configure deeper levels of user access, in addition to 11 pre-defined user roles.
  • Enhanced volume discounting: In addition to its existing volume discount options, cleverbridge added features to apply discounts in three ways: All-Unit discounts, Incremental discounts and Top-Down discounts. These features provide clients with greater flexibility in setting product prices for larger orders.

“cleverbridge doesn’t rest on its laurels,” stated Tony Anscombe, director of Consumer Products at Avira. “They continue to leverage their deep international e-commerce expertise to improve their solution. The efficiency level we have achieved by utilizing the cleverbridge solution has been instrumental to the success we have seen with our online channels. Two years into the partnership, it’s clear that we made the right choice in selecting cleverbridge as our long-term e-commerce provider.”

About cleverbridge

Headquartered in Cologne, Germany with an office in Chicago, Illinois, cleverbridge helps software companies implement, manage and optimize their online sales and marketing initiatives worldwide. Developed by a team of industry experts in 2005, the cleverbridge advanced e-commerce platform offers worldwide online payment processing, real-time sales reporting, timely checkout process customization, a dynamic shopping cart, partner and affiliate management, fully integrated multivariate testing capabilities, robust marketing tools, an empowering downloadable e-commerce management application, multilingual order support and premier fraud protection. For more information visit .