M-Kit by Monotype Makes Deploying Legible Text Across Devices Simple and Scalable

Monotype (Nasdaq: TYPE) today introduced M-Kit, an open interface that provides an easy way for developers to access and deploy type solutions across a wide ecosystem of platforms and devices including native OS, open source, proprietary systems, Android™, FreeType and HarfBuzz, among others. M-Kit’s Edge™ and FontLinker® modules allow OEMs to create crisp, dynamic and scalable type, and meet the growing consumer demand for a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

With M-Kit by Monotype, OEMs can move beyond the bitmap to provide a more aesthetically pleasing, legible and localized text solution, and accelerate the speed of native integration on billions of devices. Easily accessed through an open source framework, M-Kit enables developers to quickly advance systems—while shortening design cycles and keeping down development costs. OEM customers can now deploy legible, globally supported text across a wide ecosystem of platforms and devices.

Currently, M-Kit offers two key modules for developers: Edge and FontLinker.

Edge delivers crisp, dynamic text and anti-aliasing with Monotype’s edge-tuning, hinting and grayscale rendering technology in 2D and 3D environments, enhancing responsiveness to viewing conditions in real time. Edge offers the ability to:

  • Retain style at small sizes, with high-quality grayscale grid-fitting and text hinting;
  • Preserve text quality at smaller font sizes using CCJK-specific (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean) stroke reduction and hinting;
  • Create multiple weights with higher clarity through Continuous Stroke Modulation tuning; and
  • Optimize for various displays and viewing environments.

FontLinker enables customers to achieve a consistent appearance for all characters within their linked fonts. Through a flexible framework, FontLinker helps to conserve memory and improve time-to-market, with extensive global support—all while reducing development costs. Key benefits include:

  • Support for multiple language scripts in a single font;
  • The ability to create custom linked sets of fonts for various geographies and languages;
  • Removing redundant memory usage by linking multiple fonts into one font; and
  • The option to add special characters to fonts without altering the original file.

“Embedded developers are faced with what seems like an impossible task: creating scalable type solutions that render across a wide variety of platforms, devices and languages to provide a consistent experience for consumers,” said Brett Zucker, Chief Marketing Officer at Monotype. “We’ve solved that with M-Kit, and we’re allowing developers to move beyond the bitmap, empowering them to create exceptionally crisp, legible and consistent experiences across any device or geography via the platform of their choice.”

For more information on M-Kit by Monotype visit: http://www.monotype.com/m-kit.

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