Carrier-1 Offers Transformyx a Colocation Option Outside of Primary Data Center for Disaster Recovery Services

Carrier-1 creates a unique offering for regional data center providers like Transformyx. As a Louisiana-based provider of strategic technology and business solutions, their clients need a colocation choice that includes a facility located outside of their region. When providing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), distance is a critical and often overlooked part of a solution. Major events or disasters can be regional in scope and destroy the primary data center. Even though it may seem like proximity is cost effective and convenient, having a disaster recovery site close to the main location is not the ideal choice.

As a provider of IT services to companies of all sizes, K-12 and higher education systems, local and state governments, healthcare providers, law firms and other organizations across the Gulf Coast, Transformyx can utilize the Carrier-1 data center as an option that is significantly outside of their current facility in Baton Rouge.

“Dallas is a hub for technology, creating easy connectivity to hundreds of providers,” describes James DuBos, Chief Technology Officer at Transformyx. He adds, “Carrier-1 is located near DFW and Love Field Airports making it extremely convenient for our customers in the Gulf South region looking for a secondary site with easy access and a robust data center to provide disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities outside of their region.”

DuBos describes Carrier-1 as the best partner because of their focus as a wholesale provider. “They are dedicated and focused on partners, making it easy to do work with them. And their facility is top of the line.”

“We continue to focus on helping our clients achieve their goals via cost savings for colocation; providing 100% uptime and security,” said Carrier-1’s CEO, Peter Pathos. “Transformyx delivers a broad range of IT solutions from on-premise to public, private and hybrid cloud options with security as an added differentiator. Providing a colocation option outside of their current geographic location is critical for their ability to provide a total solution for their customers.”

About Transformyx

Transformyx offers Managed IT services, Cloud Computing Services, Cyber Security, Voice solutions, and more. By incorporating these services, Transformyx can manage and service the entire life cycle of their customers technology needs. For more information, visit

About Carrier-1 Data Centers

Carrier-1 owns and operates a 106,866 square foot data center building in Dallas, Texas. Customers may lease colocation space within the building to utilize the redundant infrastructure and environment controls to maintain 100% uptime while receiving access to over 95 network carriers. Multiple racks, Virtual-PODs, cages, private suites and powered shell space is available now with plenty of space for expansion. Carrier-1 is Colocation and Cloud Ready. Clients may also leverage Carrier-1’s office space, business continuity center for personnel and private data center suites within their colocation building. For more information, visit