Open19 Foundation 2018 Summit Announces Open19 Marketplace, Open19 Hardware Deployment

Open19 Foundation, an organization established to create a community for a new generation of open data centers and edge solutions, kicked off its inaugural Open19 Summit event in San Jose today with the launch of its newly created online marketplace. The Open19 Marketplace will display products developed by Foundation member companies deploying Open19 technology.

During his welcome presentation, Yuval Bachar, Open19 Foundation President announced the open sourcing of Open19 hardware, enabling anyone to develop products based upon this technology.

“When we launched the Open19 Foundation in mid-2017, our goal was to develop Open19 hardware to support data centers of all sizes,” said Yuval Bachar. “It’s exciting to see our goals coming to fruition and the actualization of this unique data center and edge open standard within the industry.”

The Open19 Project specification defines a cross-industry common server form factor and is cost-optimized, defining operational models that allow rapid data center integration. Bachar also shared that Open19 technology is currently being developed by multiple member companies.

Several Foundation member companies contributed to the success of the Open19 Summit, including Amphenol, Flex, GE Digital, HPE, Inspur, LinkedIn, Mellanox, Molex, Packet, and Vapor I/O.

About the Open19 Foundation

The Open19 Foundation was established in 2017 by founding members Flex, GE Digital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, LinkedIn and Vapor IO to create a community that will enable a common optimized data center and edge solutions. It has since grown to 23 members from all parts of the edge ecosystem – from component and system suppliers and integrators, to data center operators. For more information, visit the Foundation’s website at