TeamPassword Now Available in the G Suite Marketplace

Jungle Disk today announced that TeamPassword, its password manager, is now available in the G Suite Marketplace. The password manager is easily accessible to all G Suite users making it simple for TeamPassword customers to gain access to their shared passwords directly from their inbox or anywhere else within G Suite with the TeamPassword G Suite add-on.

TeamPassword is an easy-to-use, collaborative password management tool for businesses that need to eliminate the password spreadsheet, add account activity monitoring and simplify collaboration. Client services businesses such as marketing and public relations agencies, accounting firms and product teams that need access to their clients’ passwords on a daily basis to get their jobs done are a great fit for using a password manager. At Jungle Disk, we know that managing your passwords can be its own full-time job. Using Google Sign-in from the Chrome Extension or the G Suite Marketplace app means that customers can quickly and securely access their TeamPassword account without typing in a password and having the protection of Google’s world class security.

“I’m excited for TeamPassword to join the G Suite Marketplace to fill in a critical step of making TeamPassword easily accessible for businesses using G Suite,” said Brian Sierakowski, director of product at Jungle Disk and founder of TeamPassword. “Through the TeamPassword app integration in G Suite and browser extension capabilities, teams can access and manage their passwords in just a few steps increasing productivity and collaboration.”

The average team has 147 passwords to manage. The time, money and effort that goes into ensuring your business’s data is safe from accidents and cyberattacks can be draining on productivity and create security risks with re-use of any passwords. With the right processes and systems in place for password sharing and management, users can focus on their core business. TeamPassword offers the below features to streamline productivity and increase security when working in G Suite:

  • Chrome Browser Extension: Add shared logins from TeamPassword, update existing logins, or create new logins directly from your browser.
  • Google Sign-in: G Suite administrators can now enable the TeamPassword application for their entire team, adding the ability for team members to use Google Sign-in for TeamPassword with one click directly from their inbox.
  • Password Generator: Use the built-in, strong password generator to create secure, randomized passwords on your desktop, laptop or mobile device on the go.
  • Groups Feature: Securely share passwords with just the members of your team who should have access with the groups feature.

“When looking to add a password manager to our cybersecurity suite, we evaluated many password management services designed to meet the needs of small businesses who use software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in their business,” said Bret Piatt, CEO at Jungle Disk. “We liked TeamPassword so much we acquired the company to join our mission to help small businesses protect their most critical data.”

The TeamPassword app can be downloaded via the G Suite Marketplace here. To learn more about Jungle Disk and TeamPassword, visit

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