Barkly Awarded Patent for Advances in Responsive Machine Learning

Barkly, the company advancing endpoint security by combining the strongest, smartest protection with the simplest management, today announced it has been awarded US Patent #10,078,752 from the USPTO for its unique approach to increasing the accuracy of machine learning-based endpoint security. Leveraging their SaaS management infrastructure, Barkly has developed the capability to automatically and transparently train, test, and deliver tailored protection models for customers.

“Since the company’s inception, Barkly’s innovations have focused on delivering strong protection without the false positives that have plagued other endpoint security solutions,” said Jack Danahy, CTO of Barkly. “Our earlier patents are focused on behavior analytics, which made us one of the only companies capable of blocking the behaviors that were behind EternalBlue, WannaCry, and other threats. This latest patent protects the years of investment and invention that we’ve put into our machine learning.”

As thousands of new malware variants threaten endpoints daily, legitimate software is constantly changing with new packages, versions, and updates. Early security solutions that rely on file attributes have overtrained on malicious software, and as a result, have struggled for balance in distinguishing good applications from bad. This has resulted in a high rate of false positives and the need for extensive whitelists and blacklists. Barkly’s Responsive Machine Learning™ overcomes this problem by integrating data from the unique software profiles of customers into protection models. This has eliminated the need for whitelisting and is drastically reducing false positives by delivering organization-specific models when the circumstance requires it.

“This latest patent is hard evidence of Barkly’s truly unique approach to machine learning,” said Mike Duffy, CEO of Barkly. “Through our automated creation and delivery of customer-specific models, we are the only company able to deliver strong protection against complex modern attacks with low false positives.”

Barkly was designed for smaller IT and security teams. Patented innovations such as Responsive Machine Learning™ and behavioral analytics allow Barkly to provide the strongest protection with the simplest management. Barkly enables smaller teams to maximize their productivity while closing their security gaps.

Barkly’s solution combines:

  • Barkly’s Protection, Barkly ProtectIQ™, delivers the strongest protection by recognizing the techniques used in today’s complex attacks including exploits, malicious scripts, and executable malware. Barkly ProtectIQ™ uses a combination of behavior and attribute analysis to recognize these vectors and block attacks at every stage of the attack chain. All of this protection is delivered through Barkly’s Rapidvisor® agent, the only endpoint agent with real-time process monitoring down to the CPU-level.
  • Barkly’s Intelligence Engine, Barkly EvolveIQ™, automatically converts malware intelligence into powerful protection to keep organizations a step ahead of the evolving threat landscape through Responsive Machine Learning™ which trains models continuously against new malware samples and organization-specific good software profiles. The result is maximum protection against known and zero-day threats with minimized false positives for every customer.
  • Barkly’s Management Experience, Barkly CommandIQ™, gives administrators the ability to see, manage, and immediately respond to attacks anytime and anywhere. Through a cloud-based portal, IT and security administrators are able to see the who, what, when, and where of every blocked incident with detailed forensics, and confidently take action with one-click response right from their mobile device or desktop.

Barkly is independently certified for antivirus replacement by AV-TEST and Coalfire. The comprehensive testing, completed by AV-TEST, proved Barkly’s antivirus replacement efficacy with zero impact to performance.

About Barkly:

Barkly is advancing endpoint security for small teams by combining the strongest protection with the smartest technology and the simplest management. The Barkly Endpoint Protection Platform™ blocks attacks across all vectors and intents, including exploits, scripts, executables, and ransomware. Barkly is the only protection with visibility into all levels of the system, including the CPU and stays up-to-date through its continuous machine-learning engine that automatically converts threat intelligence into powerful protection through nightly training on malware and customer-specific goodware. Barkly requires no security expertise to setup and deploy and makes management simple through any desktop or mobile device. Barkly is independently certified for antivirus replacement, HIPAA, PCI DSS & NIST by Coalfire and AV-TEST. Barkly is formed by an elite team of security and SaaS experts from IBM, Cisco and Intel, and is backed by investors NEA and Sigma Prime.