OnProcess Technology Announces OPTimize, a Breakthrough Managed Service for Unlocking Post-Sales Business Value

OnProcess Technology, a global pioneer in service value chain optimization, today announced OPTimize, a digital transformation service leveraging predictive analytics to improve post-sale business outcomes. Building upon OnProcess’ domain, AI and automation expertise, OPTimize enables businesses to drive unparalleled gains in service revenue, cost savings and customer experience.

“Post-sale service is vital to OEM and service provider success. Not only does it drive customer loyalty, it accounts for the vast majority of a business’ profitability. Many companies struggle with managing the fine balance between revenue, cost and customer experience, and more often than not, one or two get sacrificed for the other. When that happens, business suffers,” said Mike Wooden, CEO, OnProcess Technology. “OPTimize enables OEMs and service providers to streamline critical business processes, and maximize those three service components. We make it possible for businesses to unlock new levels of post-sale value.”

“Service Council’s research has benchmarked thousands of service leaders over the years, highlighting how top-performing organizations (Service Champions) combine a holistic approach to out-performance; establishing a balance between operational and customer-facing commitments to yield commercial business success,” said John Carroll, CEO of Service Council. “OPTimize is positioned to solve service and executive leadership’s conundrum of finding an equilibrium between what has long been considered adversarial forces: profit, cost and customer experience. This is an exciting release and OnProcess is a vendor to watch.”

OPTimize provides the visibility, intelligence, automation and exception management required to improve the service value chain, from sales order management, remote triage and inventory management, to field service management, fraud prevention, warranty management, and even end-of-life services. Using OnProcess’ proprietary real-time control tower, predictive analytics and award-winning solutions, OPTimize ensures the precise balance of revenue growth and cost to serve reductions, with an optimal customer experience within your post-sale service value chain.

  • Reduce Cost to Serve
    Clients dramatically reduce capital expenditures, minimize operational costs and improve efficiencies throughout their post-sale services.
  • Grow Revenue
    OPTimize speeds time-to-revenue, reduces revenue leakage and boosts customer retention, all of which result in greater post-sale revenue.
  • Enhance Customer Experience
    Clients eliminate needless triage cycles, improve service quality and resolve customer issues quickly. Service events are transformed into productive, positive engagements that consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

Click here or email sales@onprocess.com for more information about OPTimize.

About OnProcess Technology
OnProcess Technology streamlines the post-sale value chain, digitizing and optimizing organizations’ business processes. Rooted in analytics, we help maintain the delicate balance between cost-to-serve, the customer experience and growing services revenue. Our outcome-based partnerships ensure our success is completely dependent on yours. OnProcess’ unique combination of proprietary technology, analytics, and world-class service lifecycle experts has led many of the world’s leading brands to rely on us as a trusted advisor and service optimizer. OnProcess provides services in 26 languages and operates out of eight global facilities, including our Massachusetts headquarters.