Indiana University Deploys InScribe, an Intelligent Student and Faculty Support Technology

InScribe Education, Inc., today announced that Indiana University signed a three-year contract to expand the use of the InScribe intelligent Q&A platform. InScribe leverages the power of community and artificial intelligence to connect Indiana University students and faculty to the expert answers and resources they need.

“Communities in our society, and certainly within the university environment, function differently than they did in previous generations,” said Matthew Gunkel, Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies at Indiana University. “As such, they need new tools and approaches to communicate when seeking information. We have deployed the InScribe app in an effort to improve collaboration within and among different communities, provide direct and indirect student support in classes, and enhance faculty-to-student and faculty-to-faculty interactions. The system provides the university a vehicle to share best practices and curate answers to commonly sought-after questions. The sophistication of the system will allow us to broadly scale and serve our population at large. We anticipate supporting up to 30,000 students and faculty soon.”

InScribe is an AI-supported Q&A platform that allows institutions to efficiently crowdsource answers to common issues and high priority questions. When a student has a question, rather than search a website or send an email, they can post it to their InScribe community. Questions are answered by experts and peers from within the institution. InScribe captures these valuable interactions and stores them in a searchable repository so everyone benefits and learns from the conversations that came before. InScribe AI monitors each community and helps prioritize the flow of new questions. Using sentiment analysis and natural language processing, InScribe AI analyzes interactions, proactively escalating high-priority issues and individuals that require one-on-one intervention. Ultimately, learners get the help they need and experts have more time to focus on the individuals that need them most.

Indiana University is leveraging InScribe in several initial areas:

  • Student on-boarding: to quickly integrate new students into the university culture and help navigate areas such as financial aid, registration, and career planning. InScribe is particularly useful for IU online students who may never set foot on campus. A small number of coaches answer questions and nurture students in their first year to help ensure they are successful. InScribe helps scale the coaches’ effectiveness and enables students to connect even across distances.
  • Ongoing academic support for students: InScribe brings together populations of students and faculty within similar courses. Tutoring is enhanced by providing answers to commonly asked questions semester after semester in a meaningful way. InScribe also reduces the burden on faculty inside and outside the classroom.
  • Professional development: the university has curated a bank of terms and best practices to assist new teachers in coming up to speed. Faculty can weigh in, ask questions, update the definitions, and provide insight into IU’s body of knowledge.

“No matter if they are online or on-campus, students want to navigate life at Indiana University,” said Katy Kappler, Co-Founder and CEO of InScribe. “Whether questions are related to ordering books, submitting financial aid forms, or overcoming problems in a challenging course, InScribe is there to quickly deliver the answers students need so they can stay on track.”


Founded in 2017, InScribe is bringing this concept of delivering the right answers from the right people to the right person–right now to higher education and corporate environments. InScribe is based in Denver, Colo. The company’s executive team each have more than 20 years of experience designing, building, and supporting enterprise education software. For more information, please visit