IpVenture Frees Gamers to Socialize on Every Platform

IpVenture’s technologies free gamers to socialize fluidly, regardless of platform choice. The technologies implement speech-to-text, promoting interaction by resolving the inconveniences of texting whether via console, mobile, PC, or VR headsets.

Gaming is a controversial activity particularly between its young audience and parents. But chat-enhanced videogames teach teamwork and offer a sense of community. IpVenture’s technologies focus on improving these important skill sets and promoting human interaction, especially in crossplay.

While games want to be on every platform, as exemplified by Chang Han Kim, CEO of PUBG, and the emergence of crossplay increases players’ flexibility, crossplay has taken time to become widely accepted. Sony initially restricted Fortnite gamers to a single platform, and only recently enabled full crossplay for PS4 players.

Despite its potential, crossplay has challenges. Communicating among different platforms imposes restrictions on players: inhibited texting on consoles discourages those who dislike speaking to strangers, experience harassment, or prefer to stay anonymous. Laura Miele, the CSO of Electronic Arts, states that “a common gripe is that some gamers engage in sexist, racist […] behavior[s].”

With IpVenture’s technologies, gamers’ voice responses can be instantaneously converted to text and vice versa, and sent without interrupting play. This allows gamers to retain the ability to communicate through voice or text if they choose.

IpVenture’s technologies are the ideal solution to facilitate crossplay. Console gamers no longer need to pause their videogames and summon virtual keyboards to laboriously type responses. PC players no longer have to switch to the chat box to type text messages, a precarious move in fast-paced videogames.

The technologies also consolidate gamer information, user block lists, availability statuses, and messaging, under one username over multiple platforms, while keeping contact information private.

As gamers find themselves building meaningful relationships, the gaming industry needs to facilitate a sense of community to fuel the interest of gamers and gatekeepers (e.g. parents) alike. With IpVenture’s technologies, players can socialize with voice and text on any platform under one username, without disclosing contact information. That’s a win for community, confidentiality, and communication.

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