Cloudability Helps Customers Optimize Over $8 Billion in Cloud Spend

Cloudability, a leader in cloud financial management and operations, today announced it is managing more than $8B in cloud spending to date since January 2015 amidst rapid enterprise customer adoption, including BP, OLX and Sony. Cloudability recently achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Management Tools Competency for Cost Optimization, a core pillar of the AWS Well Architected Framework (WAF), allowing customers to create efficient and optimal cloud architectures. Cloudability has also announced integrations with Atlassian and Datadog, providing customers with Operational Excellence and Performance Efficiency recommendations that have been cost-optimized by Cloudability.

“Succeeding in an environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity requires leadership on all levels, which in turn requires tailored insights on demand,” said Sascha Curth, Head of Cloud Strategy at OLX, the world’s leading classifieds platform in growth markets. “Cloudability provides us these insights, beyond simple analytics, to support our need to deliver customer value in the most efficient way, while increasing the predictability of our cost footprint.”

The Cloudability platform is designed to use data science, machine learning, and automation to allow IT, Finance, and Business leaders to achieve operational excellence in the cloud by navigating the dynamic balance of cost, speed and quality. The platform provides cloud stakeholders with the operational and financial insights to make informed decisions about optimizing their investment, such as understanding when, how and why to scale cloud resources up or down.

“The billions we’ve seen pass through Cloudability is a testament to the scale of investment customers are making in cloud, and the importance of maintaining good financial and operational discipline,” said Mat Ellis, CEO and Founder of Cloudability. “High-performing customers like BP, OLX and Sony rely on Cloudability to help them increase business agility, and we look forward to sharing the benefits of these best practices with other enterprises who want to tap into the power of the cloud.”

The AWS Well-Architected Framework has been developed to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications. Based on five pillars — operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization — the Framework provides a consistent approach for customers and partners to evaluate architectures and implement designs that will scale over time.

“Within the AWS Well-Architected Framework, Cost Optimization is viewed as an anchor capability by customers,” said Matthew Scott, VP Strategy & Alliances at Cloudability. “In addition to our operational and performance integrations with Atlassian and Datadog, we are focused on delivering other well-architected integrations to make our customers’ jobs easier.”

To learn more about using Cloudability with AWS, please register to join our upcoming webinar on Dec. 5 at 9am PT, “Aligning Your Cloud Migration With Your Business and Technical Goals”.

About Cloudability

Cloudability is a continuous cloud spend optimization platform that delivers accurate cloud financials, empowering companies to run their cloud with financial and operational excellence. The Cloudability platform is designed to enable visibility, optimization and governance for every instance, container and serverless workload, application, department and user. Adopted by a number of Fortune 500 companies, Cloudability helps both enterprises and cloud-native companies leverage data science, analytics, machine learning and automation to transform cloud infrastructure data into a new source of competitive value, providing disruptive advantage over time. Venture-backed Cloudability is based in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit