Modavox’s VoiceAmerica™ to Participate at 9th Annual Player Networking Event (PNE)

Modavox, Inc. (OTCBB: MDVX), Internet broadcasting pioneer and holder of several patented technologies, today announced that its VoiceAmerica™ division has agreed to participate as a vendor at this year’s Player Networking Event (PNE) in Tampa, Florida. The PNE is owned by Troupe21 & Associates and former NFL executive Guy Troupe. The event, which is a sanctioned NFL Superbowl Event, is designed to assist active and former players with their transition from professional football into new careers. Each year the PNE attracts active and former players who voluntarily attend to network with business executives and corporations in hopes of developing future opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.

The 9 th annual PNE will facilitate networking among players, team and league executives, corporate guests and exhibitors interested in offering any one of the following: (1) organizational branding during Super Bowl weekend; (2) internship or shadowing opportunities to players; (3) vendor supplier opportunities for players who own their own businesses; (4) marketing franchising or investment opportunities to players; (5) partnering with players for business or philanthropic purposes; or (6) marketing or selling a product or service to event attendees.

“Numerous players have an expressed interest in sports broadcasting, and the VoiceAmerica™ Sports Network offers a solution. The Network has been developing our ‘Internet Sports Show Platform’ over the last year, whereby former professional athletes have the opportunity to build their personal branding and launch their careers into the broadcasting arena. We have been developing sports specific channels to cover football, basketball, baseball and power sports. This will allow a unique chance for any professional athlete to create their personal brand of Internet sports talk shows,” said former NFL player and current VoiceAmerica™ Sports Network Director Ray Ellis.

“Given the large percentage of players interested in entrepreneurship, our focus on ‘player-owned’ businesses at this year’s PNE, and player interest in broadcasting—we are excited about VoiceAmerica’s™ participation,” said Troupe21 President and CEO Guy Troupe. “We believe that this relationship provides active and former NFL players with a meaningful career transition opportunity. I’m even more excited because Ray is a former NFL player that’s in place to nurture, mentor and coach the guys through the process.”

Jeff Spenard, Modavox President of Internet Radio, stated, “We are extremely pleased with the opportunity to work with Troupe21 and look forward to further enhancing our Sports Network with talented NFL players. Guy Troupe, CEO, Troupe21, has offered us access to an exclusive clientele extremely valuable to our brand. I see this as the perfect entrée to develop strategic relationships with prospective corporate partners and professional athletes as we continue to enhance our offerings.”

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