WhiteHat Security Program Enables Solution Providers to Drive Strong Gross Profits Leveraging State-of-the-art DevSecOps Tools

WhiteHat Security, the leading application security provider committed to securing digital business, today announced details of its new partnership program, designed to help solution providers increase their value to their customers by empowering them with knowledge, tools and further competencies in DevSecOps. This will enable them to provide a critical service that will help their customers decrease cost and risk by building and running secure applications.

The WhiteHat Security Partnership Program is designed from the partner perspective to provide DevSecOps training that is relevant to their business and profitability models. Because the program enables partners to build out a strong application security practice quickly, they are able to realize strong gross profits in a short time period. The program includes support across the entire sales cycle, from education and training to marketing and post-sales support.

When it comes to security, enterprises and their partners have traditionally focused on endpoint and network security. However, the rate at which applications are developed has increased dramatically, driving an immense rise in the number of web and mobile applications. As a result, application security issues have become the No. 1 cause of breaches, and with the cost of these breaches increasing exponentially, enterprises are looking to secure their code as soon as possible. Without proper security, the amplitude of undetected vulnerabilities and attacks can go further, faster, putting the developers and their customers at risk. DevSecOps exists to combat these risks. By integrating security into the DevOps toolchain, developers are able to identify and remediate or mitigate these vulnerabilities before the applications are released. DevSecOps is one of the fastest growing areas in cybersecurity that partners can focus on to drive new revenue streams.

“At WhiteHat, we are committed to helping our customers build and run secure applications, and we realize that our partners are critical to succeeding in that mission. We designed our partnership program with that synergistic relationship in mind. That means working with partners to understand their business models, helping them identify and close new business opportunities, and providing them with the training and education they need to become a trusted DevSecOps advisor to their customers,” said John Atkinson, vice president of Partnerships at WhiteHat Security. “This program exists to empower our partners with the DevSecOps knowledge, products and services they need to differentiate themselves from the competition and open doors to new business.”

As with previous programs, WhiteHat partners receive valuable discounts and sales incentives. But the WhiteHat Security Partnership Program adds many more customized benefits, including business planning, one-on-one support, education and enablement, training and certification, and marketing tools to help partners increase awareness of their company, build their brand and drive business growth.

“As an integrator that has enjoyed a long relationship with WhiteHat, Mission Critical Systems can attest to the benefits of being a WhiteHat partner – most importantly, helping us provide more value to our customers,” said Dave Doebler, director of Sales, Mission Critical Systems. “We have no doubt that WhiteHat’s new partnership program will provide even stronger support for companies looking to enhance their DevSecOps capabilities in order to grow their business.”

The WhiteHat Security Partnership Program is structured in three partner levels:

  • DevSecOps Level 1– entry partnership level with self-service training and tools for solution providers to start building their DevSecOps practice
  • DevSecOps Level 2– intermediate partnership level with dedicated resources to help solution providers with enablement and marketing as they expand their DevSecOps expertise and open doors to new opportunities for growth
  • DevSecOps Level 3– expert partnership level with a personal partnership team aligned to solution providers’ business and profitability models to promote their leadership in DevSecOps and help accelerate their business growth

WhiteHat partners also have access to a comprehensive partner portal where they can easily access information, all in one place. This includes sales and marketing tools, sales opportunities, leads and communications from their WhiteHat partnership team.

About WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Security has honed its 17 years of experience in the application security space to provide developers with the tools and services they need to write and deliver the most secure software at the speed of business. The award-winning WhiteHat Application Security Platform, which has been featured on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing for the last five years, is empowering DevSecOps by continuously assessing the risk for organizations’ software assets and helping them to embed security throughout the software life cycle (SLC). The company is based in San Jose, California, with regional offices across the U.S. and Europe.