Serve Proudly Unveils Proprietary Business Processes

Serve (Bittrex International: SERV) today revealed its two-fold patent-pending business processes and transaction protocols that form the core of its global delivery service platform based on blockchain technology:

1.) Enabling users to connect directly to one another via its proprietary Front End, Order, Job and Business Management portals, Serve’s pioneering transaction protocols successfully facilitate unprecedented levels of personal involvement in any and every transaction.

2.) With first-of-its-kind business processes requiring participants to have “skin in the game,” Serve vastly improves transactional efficiency and significantly reduces costs for all participants while ushering in a new paradigm in delivery logistics and customer satisfaction.

“We have carefully and thoughtfully architected the Serve platform to empower all participants in our growing, decentralized and open-source global economy with intuitive, smart contract solutions,” says Serve’s CEO Shahan Ohanessian. “With a vision to simplify and streamline every aspect of a transaction for all users, our platform holds tremendous potential to help businesses prosper in the emerging on-demand economy—and inspire change throughout the logistics industry.”

Renowned for its innovative software currently utilized by established delivery companies, Serve is at the forefront, making last-mile delivery logistics a viable option for every business, from a global corporation to a small mom-and-pop corner market. Offering solutions for the transportation, logistics and retail industries, with countless more applications to come, Serve provides accountability at every stage, helping end users including enterprises and providers increase productivity and cut costs by removing unnecessary middlemen from transactions.

“We’ve built a next-generation service-gig-economy and logistics platform,” adds Ohanessian. “Creating a decentralized, frictionless marketplace connecting users, enterprises and providers, we are well on the way to fulfill our mission to tackle the most challenging problems facing the industry today.”

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About Serve

Serve (Bittrex: SERV) empowers today’s on-demand consumer-driven environment by providing an intuitive, efficient and Global platform directly linking Users, Enterprises/Businesses and Delivery Providers. Serve facilitates any transaction – from ordering products, ridesharing and deliveries of everything to everyone and everyone to everything. The Serve Platform enables every person, business and provider on the planet to buy/sell/receive/deliver pharmaceuticals, food, rides, products, groceries, services and eventually anything. Serve – The World at your Service.