Softwrx Finds Ideal COBOL Solution with Veryant

Veryant , the COBOL and Java technology innovator, announced that Softwrx has selected the isCOBOL Application Platform Suite (APS) for its suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Improved performance, enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) capabilities, universal thin client portability, and responsive support were among the reasons the Nashville-based company chose Veryant.

Softwrx provides integrated software solutions for a wide variety of business needs, including accounting and financial management, business analysis, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM). The company initially developed and deployed its solutions on ACUCOBOL-GT. However, difficulties with performance, file structure, graphical controls, and long-term portability created challenges for Softwrx in supporting its customer base. In addition, when Micro Focus acquired the ACUCOBOL-GT solution, customer support changed considerably.

“We were experiencing a high level of frustration with support delivery, product weaknesses, and high costs so we decided to look for an alternative COBOL solution,” said John Jackson, president of Softwrx. “We knew we wanted a product that was more functional, stable, and direct, with good documentation and a high level of support.”

After researching the COBOL market, Jackson found Veryant, whose isCOBOL technology protects and extends valuable application assets by blending the optimized, business-oriented nature of COBOL with the openness, portability, and power of the Java platform, without requiring businesses to retrain staff or rewrite code. He decided that Veryant offered the best technology, excellent ease-of-use, and the fastest time to market. In addition, isCOBOL APS was the most cost-effective option.

Softwrx found isCOBOL APS to be more streamlined and efficient than its previous COBOL platform and the company was able to move nearly 800 COBOL programs to isCOBOL APS in just one week.

“I’m quite impressed with Veryant. Product performance is excellent, and support has been outstanding. This has been a very good long-term decision for us,” noted Jackson.

Some of the isCOBOL APS features most appreciated by Softwrx include modern Grid control elements such as automatic sorting, built-in platform independent PDF and print preview functions, as well as universal thin client with one-click deployment using Java Web Start. Most importantly, isCOBOL technology met all the criteria that Softwrx sought: better performance, flexibility, and future portability options. To read more details on Softwrx’s project, visit .

About Veryant

With an extensive COBOL and Java heritage, Veryant delivers software that optimizes IT resources, improves business performance and revitalizes programming resources. Whether your business is extending applications with new user interfaces, evolving existing applications through SOA, or improving quality and distribution processes, Veryant’s expertise and innovative products will increase the productivity of your applications. Veryant is headquartered in Phoenix, with offices worldwide. Please visit .