Bluewolf Delivers Custom Applications for Hasler on the Platform from

Bluewolf today announced that Hasler Inc. has deployed two custom applications built on the Platform. Hasler’s top priority is to deliver superior mailing and shipping systems to its network of 150 independent dealers who sell Hasler’s postage and handling products to customers nationwide.

Hasler turned to Bluewolf ( ), the largest Software as a Service consulting firm and a leading consulting partner, to provide a solution that would replace the software tools that each dealer was using to track and manage its databases. Leveraging Hasler’s current Salesforce CRM application, Bluewolf used the platform to design two custom applications that help Hasler’s dealers manage and close more business.

Hasler and Bluewolf designed consistent sales templates that allow partner sales professionals to track critical postage meter lease information, with a pre-customized Salesforce CRM solution. In addition, custom workflow triggers were built into Salesforce for partners and dealers to automate the process of filling out order paperwork and alerting the sales team when current and competitive customer leases were coming up for renewal.

The solutions from Bluewolf, along with a choice of two training options, have been quickly adopted by Hasler’s partners, regardless of size, region or specialty. Hasler forecasts that more than 50 percent of its dealer sales force will go live with the solution within the first year.

“We knew that if we could make our dealer partners more effective and productive, we could profoundly affect our national sell-through and market penetration rates,” said Bob Ruby, Senior Director of Sales Strategy for Hasler. “The new custom built solution on helps our dealers get a better handle on their pipeline of opportunities and forecasts. In addition, it is helping us build the database of competitive users that we will be able to target in the future.”

“Different dealers have different markets to serve, different staffs to support, and different levels of resources to invest,” said Ruby. “By providing partners with a choice in both the scope of the Salesforce CRM solution and training packages, we made it attractive to everyone— from our largest partners to the smallest.”

One of the first dealers to sign up was Hasler’s longtime partner, Addtronics, a retailer that provides a complete line of postage and shipping products, supplies, and services throughout Oklahoma, Missouri, Southeastern Kansas, and Northern Arkansas.

“The majority of my time used to be spent tracking down and recording sales activity and forecasts for my team,” said Darrell Gibson, Director of Sales for Addtronics. “Now, with the new solution for working with Hasler, my time is freed up to help my team directly in the field, managing customers and calling on accounts.”

In addition to the productivity enhancements for Addtronics, Hasler now provides them with monthly and quarterly reports on key postage usage and meter data for Addtronics customers. This type of reporting and 360 degree view of a customer was not available to Addtronics before using Salesforce CRM, and provides them with a deeper level of insight into how to market and sell their products and services.

Bluewolf is a leading consulting partner and has developed custom CRM solutions for hundreds of customers. “It was extremely fast and easy to develop these custom applications on and quickly deploy them to Hasler,” said Corinne Sklar, Vice President of Marketing, Bluewolf

“The platform enables thousands of customers like Hasler to quickly deploy custom applications and run their business in the cloud. Bluewolf’s work developing applications on for Hasler demonstrates their industry expertise and focus on customer success,” said Clarence So, Chief Marketing Officer,

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