Marchex Launches Real-Time Sales Rescue Solution for Businesses

Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX), a leading provider of call analytics that drive, measure, and convert callers into customers, today launched Marchex Sales Rescue, a new AI-infused call monitoring, scoring and engagement solution.

Marchex Sales Rescue combines Marchex artificial intelligence and machine learning with call monitoring and scoring services to alert businesses when potential buyers hang up without making a purchase, or when certain calls did not meet the business’ customer service standards. Identifying these situations based on real-time conversational analytics and call scoring, and sending real-time alerts regarding such events, enables businesses to be informed as these situations occur and to, in turn, take real-time action to create better customer sales and experience outcomes. Marchex’s ability to deliver the Sales Rescue solution has been accelerated by its Callcap subsidiary, which it acquired in November 2018.

This unique solution identifies in real-time when potential high-value customer prospects engaged in conversations with sales representatives are mishandled in any number of ways, and then gives businesses the opportunity to re-engage immediately to capture these potentially lost opportunities, as well as avoid undesired customer experiences.

“Sales Rescue provides our company with incredibly powerful tools that enable actionable ROI,” said Bethany DeLaurencio, Marketing Director of Jerry Kelly Heating and Air. “It enables monitoring and analysis of our phone calls, along with real-time notifications, so we not only can see the outcome of every call, but also have the ability to save customers on an immediate basis.”

Marchex Sales Rescue leverages the company’s proprietary speech, AI and machine learning technology to provide a wide range of capabilities, including filtering out such items as abandoned calls and wrong numbers, and then selects pre-qualified calls to be fed into its proprietary call monitoring system. Each individual call is then analyzed using an extensive scoring system that can identify hundreds of different attributes, and can be customized extensively to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Marchex Sales Rescue then highlights the missed opportunities via real-time alerts and an easy-to-use dashboard that enables the business’ sales team to re-engage the customer and call back while the opportunity is still potentially savable. To ensure visibility and accountability that the identified missed opportunities are being followed up on as appropriate, Marchex Sales Rescue also allows dashboard users to track and report on sales performance and success rates.

Marchex Sales Rescue is available immediately and can be added to any Marchex Call Analytics package to provide a comprehensive call analytics, monitoring, scoring and engagement solution.

About Marchex

Marchex understands that the best customers are those who call your company – they convert faster, buy more, and churn less. Marchex provides solutions that help companies drive more calls, understand what happens on those calls, and convert more of those callers into customers. Our actionable intelligence strengthens the connection between companies and their customers, bridging the physical and digital world, to help brands maximize their marketing investments and operating efficiencies to acquire the best customers.