ArcSoft Announces ArcSoft WebCam Companion™ 3

ArcSoft announces the new version of ArcSoft WebCam Companion™, which offers a broad range of features designed and optimized for webcam use. Whether utilized to record videos, capture photos, or apply creative effects, ArcSoft WebCam Companion™ 3 lets you get the most out of any webcam.

“ArcSoft WebCam Companion offers user new applications to capture, edit, manage and get creative with their videos and photos from a web camera,” said Frank Feng, ArcSoft Vice President of Digital Multimedia Services and Solutions Group. “The upgraded version offers two new modules, Masque and Fun Frame for taking fun photos; and a whole new animated UI which includes a launching pad for users to access all applications directly.”

Key Features in ArcSoft WebCam Companion 3:

  • Record video clips quickly and easily
  • Smart real time video enhancement by Noise Reduction and Dynamic Lighting technology
  • Capture photos from your webcam with window and full screen modes
  • New Masque feature to morph your face into a character’s face
  • New Fun Frame feature to automatically capture photos with Pose Detection technology
  • View and manage clips in handy thumbnails and folders
  • Preview editing changes in images and videos before saving and then print them
  • Tools to enhance, brighten, adjust contrast and blur
  • Resize, crop, and save edited results to different image formats

This version includes new applications which can allow users to create fun projects like morphing a face from a photo into a new character such as the Mona Lisa. Users can use the Fun Frame application to automatically snap photos and select layout and templates for printing or select frame templates by category. And with the Masque application, users may create a template with any picture or edit templates with zoom in/out, undo/redo, brush, eraser, facial feature adjustment, and brush size adjustment, among other new application functionalities.

Pricing and Availability

ArcSoft WebCam Companion is now available for OEM bundling and the retail version can be purchased at US$39.99 on ArcSoft’s eStore. For more details or to download a free introductory version please visit .

About ArcSoft

ArcSoft, Inc. is an industry leading software developer of multimedia technologies and applications across desktop and embedded platforms. Working closely with major OEM manufacturers, ArcSoft offers a full line of imaging and video solutions that enhance the features, performance, and user experience of mobile phones, digital cameras, optical drives, personal computers, and consumer electronics devices. For further details, visit .