Agilent Technologies Announces USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Physical Layer Compliance Test Application

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) today announced a comprehensive solution for testing SuperSpeed USB 3.0 devices to ensure compliance with the newly published standards.

At the first USB 3.0 Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif., Agilent demonstrated its new USB 3.0 transmitter and USB 3.0 receiver compliance test solutions. This demonstration included the industry’s first USB 3.0 signal quality test fixture. The complete solution enables engineers to quickly and accurately test their USB 3.0 designs.

Agilent’s solution will incorporate the final USB 3.0 specification announced by the USB-IF on Nov. 14. USB 3.0, known as “SuperSpeed USB” will deliver 10 times the data transfer rate of USB 2.0 and make power usage more efficient. SuperSpeed USB will be necessary for data-storage devices transferring more than 25 Gbps. Industry experts expect manufacturers to adopt SuperSpeed USB by the end of 2009 and to have consumer products widely available in 2010. However, until the actual silicon is available for testing, no USB solution will be ready for official certification.

“We are working closely with the developers of the SuperSpeed USB technology to make sure our solution completely meets the needs of engineers testing for USB 3.0 compliance,” said Scott Sampl, general manager of Agilent’s oscilloscope business. “To further improve the Agilent SuperSpeed USB 3.0 solution, we are collaborating with beta partners.”

Agilent’s complete design, simulation and testing solution includes:

  • Infiniium DSO/DSA91304A 13-GHz oscilloscope for transmitter testing;
  • Agilent USB 3.0 transmitter compliance test application;
  • Agilent USB 3.0 test fixtures;
  • J-BERT N4903A , a high-performance serial BERT with complete jitter tolerance test for characterizing USB 3.0 SuperSpeed serial communication links;
  • Agilent ADS simulation software for creating and analyzing USB 3.0 channels;
  • Agilent VNA/PNA network analyzer N5230C-245 for measuring and analyzing USB 3.0 channels.

Additional information about Agilent’s USB compliance test solution is available at .

Agilent’s complete portfolio of oscilloscopes is available in a variety of form factors, from 20 MHz to 90 GHz, offering industry-leading specifications and powerful applications.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

The Agilent USB 3.0 transmitter compliance test application and the USB 3.0 signal quality test fixture will be released once the official silicon is available for certification, which is expected in February 2009.

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