Questback Launches Leadership 360 to Help Companies Nurture Talent for the Future Workplace

Questback, a global leader in employee and customer experience management, today unveiled a new tool designed to develop and nurture leaders at all levels of a company through rapid self-service and on-demand feedback. Questback Leadership 360 is designed to transform HR productivity, support changing businesses, and adapt to modern organizational structures and new ways of working.

Feedback is critical to developing high-performing leaders. It highlights individual progress, identifies areas for improvement, uncovers blind spots in skills, and measures training effectiveness. However, many traditional 360-degree methods of collecting leadership feedback are resource and time intensive, which means that HR teams often have to prioritize a narrower group of higher-level executives. Feedback is centralized and calendar-driven. This approach stifles opportunities for employees to develop and progress. Questback Leadership 360 is democratized and on-demand, and radically changes how employees can grow within an organization.

“Strong agile, adaptive, and innovative leaders will drive successful transformations,” said Frank Møllerop, CEO of Questback. “Failure to develop employees and leaders with the right skills and attributes will render your organization less attractive to customers and employees alike. Building and nurturing high-performing teams should be the core to any winning business strategy.”

Questback Leadership 360 features include:

  • Self-driven and on-demand 360-feedback for managers with centralized control for HR
  • Flexibility to support leadership performance within modern organizational structures
  • Fast ROI through automation and ease of use
  • Knowledge-based guidance from Questback Leadership Experts and follow-up actions to develop leadership skills
  • Secure ISO and BSI-certified data centers with fully GDPR-compliant data processing

“An old-style approach to feedback may suit hierarchical organizations, but falls short in today’s dispersed, project-based businesses that embrace modern ways of working,” said Nicola Matson, senior vice president of product management at Questback. “With senior management focused on leadership development, HR must transform its methods to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business world. Our Questback Leadership 360 tool is a critical component in doing just that.”

Questback Leadership 360 is available in Basic and Enterprise editions, and is easily scalable to your business needs.


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