XTS Global’s Revolutionary Business-Centric Approach to New Media Boosts Return on Investment

New media … it ‘ s the buzz phrase of the decade … an industry that has transformed the internet and marketing and public relations sectors on a global scale. What is it though that keeps new media “ new ” ? This is a question that the New Media Division at Los Angeles-based marketing firm XTS Global evaluates on an ongoing basis. Technology is obviously a major component, but to XTS Global, the implementation of creative business-centric strategies to increase ROI is foundationally essential. By doing so, XTS Global ‘ s New Media Division promotes efficient interactive communication with measurable results.

A number of campaigns at XTS Global ‘ s New Media Division have been built with the “ many-to-many ” model of mass communication, which enables a specialized audience to customize its online lifestyle with a variety of sources and choices. XTS Global ‘ s New Media Division integrates this philosophy with their business-centric focus, innovative forms of branded entertainment, and cutting-edge technology to turn the “ many-to-many ” audience into leads and sales opportunities for their clients.

XTS Global ‘ s proven campaign strategies also incorporate artful new media thought leadership initiatives. After identifying the pain points and online structural weaknesses of their clients, XTS Global helps them venture one step beyond their basic advertising, pr, marketing and promotion needs. In doing so, XTS Global creates web solutions to achieve another level of brand depth — one that drives success and authenticity.

Award-winning Polish born producer, director, editor, and cinematographer, Jedrzej “ J.J. ” Jonasz is the Director of New Media at XTS Global. Jonasz studied film at Queen ‘ s University in Ontario, Canada, and, upon graduation, began a successful career in the Toronto and Los Angeles film industries.

“ We have watched the trends and technologies emerge over the last few years and understand that New Media will continue to be the principal source for creating instantaneous recognition and longevity for our clients ‘ brands, ” said Jonasz. “ These factors will ensure lead generation and a higher ROI, ” he said.

XTS Global ‘ s New Media Division capabilities include viral video, webisodes, webmercials, clickable video content, iPhone and mobile applications, flash game advertising, user video contests, social networking, Flash design, web hosting, web site development and maintenance, interactive public relations, production and promotion of podcasts, SEO, and PPC and much more.

David Toledano, Director of New Media Business Relations at XTS Global, has a diverse background in business strategy, entertainment, real estate, and communications. Having lived in France, Israel, and the United States, Toledano is fluent in both French and Hebrew. He has managed productions in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. He attended Emerson College where he majored in Film/Communications and Writing.

Toledano knows that XTS Global ‘ s New Media services provide great value. “ New Media provides our client ‘ s with cost effective interactive options, grants them accessibility to a wide variety of targeted audiences, and maximizes their visibility in social and professional virtual communities, ” he said.


XTS Global is a full-service marketing firm dedicated to its clients ‘ return on investment. It builds long-term client relationships by delivering customized solutions that enhance corporate value in a measurable and meaningful way. XTS Global is differentiated from other marketing firms by its integrated service offering, providing clients with access to strategic marketing initiatives all within one organization, resulting in greater efficiency, focus, coordination, teamwork, accountability, and consistency throughout the project process.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA, XTS Global delivers new media, marketing, production, public relations, interactive, print and business consulting solutions to help you accomplish your business goals.