Nobel Laureates to Speak at OPTOmism 2009

Dr. Steven Chu and Dr. Arno Penzias, both Nobel Laureates for physics, will be plenary speakers at the OPTOmism 2009 conference and exhibition. OPTOmism will focus on photonic products for green technology and is being co-founded by the Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA) and PennWell Corporation. The inaugural event will be held in Santa Clara, CA May 18-20, 2009.

“ We are very excited to welcome these two esteemed scientists – both thought leaders within the green technology space – as plenary speakers at OPTOmism, ” said Dr. Michael Lebby, CEO of OIDA. “ Photonic products permeate many aspects of energy generation, conservation and environmental monitoring and will play a key role in a developing sustainable energy for the future. ”

At OPTOmism Dr. Chu will be speaking about technology, policy and climate change. “ The transition to sustainable energy systems is imperative, ” said Dr. Stephen Chu. “ Photonics is one of the key technologies that we should embrace. ”

In his plenary presentation, Dr. Penzias will address the investment environment, business models, and the role photonics and other key technologies will play in the development of renewable energy solutions. “ A growing number of highly-innovative entrepreneurs are making tremendous advances in the clean technology space, and the field has become my primary area of current work and key investment focus, ” said Dr. Penzias. “ There is an urgent need to leverage low-impact sustainable technologies like photonics as we develop the energy technologies that will fuel the next generation and beyond. ”

About Dr. Chu

Dr. Steven Chu is Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), and a Professor of Physics and Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1997, Dr. Chu shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with William D. Phillips, United States, and Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, France, for his work in cooling and trapping atoms with laser light at Bell Labs. He has continued and expanded his laser trapping work and pursued interests in cellular and polymer technologies. Currently, his passion is the development of sustainable energy technologies that will drive national economic prosperity while reducing the threat of global climate change. He was instrumental in the creation of the Energy Biosciences Institute, a unique partnership between the energy giant, BP, Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, and the University of Illinois that is the first research institution solely dedicated to the field of energy bioscience. He was also instrumental in the creation of the Joint BioEnergy Institute, one of three new U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Research Centers whose five-year mission is the advance the development of the next generation of biofuels. Dr. Chu recently testified before the United Nations that a technological transformation must occur to fundamentally change the energy economy. He warned that the technologies needed to support this economic transformation currently lag behind the scope of the problem.

About Dr. Penzias

Arno Penzias joined New Enterprise Associates in 1997 as a Venture Partner from Bell Labs, where he headed its research organization and served as its Chief Scientist. In addition to helping NEA portfolio companies on an as-needed basis, in areas such as technology, strategy, and intellectual property, Arno serves on — and frequently chairs — Technical Advisory Boards for a number of NEA companies, including: Alien Technology, BloomEnergy, Fulcrum Microsystems; Glacier Bay; Heliovolt; Hillcrest Laboratories; Konarka; Luxtera; Motion Computing; Solar Junction; SolFocus; Spreadtrum Communications; and Telegent Systems. He has written two books and a number of articles on science and technology, especially their impact on business and society. A member of both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, he received a BS from City College of New York and a PhD from Columbia University. His awards include a number of honorary degrees, as well as other awards, for his contributions to science, R&D management and public service – most notably the 1978 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in radio astronomy.

About OIDA

The Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA) is a Washington DC-based, not-for-profit association that serves as the nexus for vision, transformation, and growth of the optoelectronics industry. OIDA advances the competitiveness of its members by focusing on the business of technology, not just technology itself. OIDA members include the leading providers of optoelectronic components and systems enabled by optoelectronics, as well as universities and research institutions. OIDA provides roadmaps, reports, and market data for the optoelectronics industry, serves as the voice of industry to government and academia, acts as liaison with other optoelectronic industry associations worldwide, and provides a network for the exchange of ideas and information within the optoelectronics community. Learn more about OIDA at .

About PennWell Corporation

PennWell Corporation is a diversified business-to-business media and information company that provides quality content and integrated marketing solutions for the following industries: Oil and gas, electric power, water, electronics, semiconductor, contamination control, optoelectronics, fiber optics, enterprise storage, fire, emergency services and dental. Founded in 1910, PennWell publishes 75 print and online magazines and newsletters, conducts 60 conferences and exhibitions on six continents, and has an extensive offering of books, maps, web sites, research and database services. In addition to PennWell’s headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma the Company has major offices in Nashua, New Hampshire; Houston, Texas; London, England; Mountain View, California; Fairlawn, New Jersey; Moscow, Russia and Hong Kong, China.

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Published since 1965, Laser Focus World is a global media franchise for engineers, researchers, scientists, and technical professionals that provides comprehensive global coverage of optoelectronic and photonic technologies, applications, and markets. The magazine and its related web site ( ) reports on and analyzes the latest developments and trends in technology and business in the worldwide optoelectronic and photonics industry.