Media Mayhem Corporation and Artist Nassiri Celebrate Love Sees No Color Campaign Success

Media Mayhem Corporation announces Thursday the stunning results of their mutual global campaign with musician/artist/philanthropist Fred Nassiri and The BallPark Advertising Agency that celebrates the vision of peace, love, and healing through the use of his music as well as his breathtaking art and cinematography that is captured in the documentary “ Love Sees No Color ” which is set to be released in 2009.

On September 16 th the campaign saw Media Mayhem ‘ s entire network of web sites involved, where each site in every genre, city, and vertical recognized the day by users text messaging, blogging, and using viral elements to pass the message forward to a component that gave visitors the opportunity to send their messages to the world.

The messages triggered audio and video ads and passed their messages to another one of the MMC sites. Visitors then colored the network from black and white then back to color as the messages were passed around the world.

“ This campaign was really something special that brought in numbers that not only blew our expectations away but spread the message of love and peace by shattering the broken mirror of racism once and for all,” says Media Mayhem V.P. of Business Development and brainchild behind the campaign Jamie Ashe.

“ Nassiri had an unbelievable amount of exposure both online and offline through multiple resources including a broad billboard spread, national television ads which appeared on CNN, digital roll-outs, and a fantastic media blitz of interviews including an extensive one which took place on the Tim Conway Jr. radio show in Los Angeles as well as press coverage in hundreds of newspapers and newswires, ” says Digital Director of Online Marketing Erik Penn of The BallPark Advertising Agency, who was crucial in management and planning out strategy for the campaign.

Love Sees No Color exceeded over 6,000 podcast downloads within the time frame of Nassiri ‘ s broadcast interview with Tim Conway Jr., over 150,000 ringtones were downloaded during the month long online push, and over a whopping 25 million ad impressions were served across the net.

“ CBS Radio was eager to be part of this campaign from the start and its rewards were overwhelming for everyone involved,” says CBS Radio ‘ s Director of Digital Sales, Eric DeRise. “ The relationship that we have developed with Media Mayhem has been one of the most enjoyable that we have had in quite some time and were glad to be onboard with a campaign that continues to literally touch the hearts and minds of millions of listeners … we look forward to doing more with MMC in the future. ”

Love Sees No Color is available on CD in an instrumental, classical, and original vocal recording through a variety of online retailers as well as

About Media Mayhem

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About Nassiri

Fred Nassiri ( is an international songwriter, recording artist and philanthropist, and is dedicated to spreading a message of peace, love and healing through music. His songs are an eclectic mix of melodies, which transcend all ages, genders and religions to bring love, peace, hope and unity to the world

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