DxTerity Diagnostics Announces the Release of NEAT(TM) Probe Design Software Program

DxTerity Diagnostics, a provider of simple and affordable genomic testing solutions, announces the worldwide release of the NEAT ™ probe design software program. The NEAT design software was developed in conjunction with Premier Biosoft International and it is included within Premier Biosoft ‘ s widely used Allele ID 7.0 software program.

NEAT is a revolutionary genomic testing platform that replaces enzymatic amplification techniques with a robust chemical reaction. NEAT is easily adaptable to existing assays and enables the development of robust and affordable genomic tests in novel areas, such as point of care testing or live cell assays. By providing familiar, user-friendly software to facilitate NEAT assay design, DxTerity expects to lower barriers to customer adoption and speed the proliferation of its innovative technology. The software module is built within the robust and widely used framework of the Allele ID software program and allows customers to quickly adapt the NEAT platform to their individual needs. The program can be used to design multiplexed, quantitative mRNA and miRNA expression assays as well as mutation detection assays. The software program is exclusively available to the partners and customers of DxTerity Diagnostics.

“The NEAT software module is very easy to use and allows our customers to quickly and reliably design new assays for a wide range of testing applications. We partnered with PREMIER Biosoft International for the development of this software program because of their considerable expertise in bioinformatics and the exceptional performance of their Allele ID software package in particular, ” says Bob Terbrueggen, President and CEO, DxTerity Diagnostics.

For further information, please visit: http://www.dxterity.com and http://www.PremierBiosoft.com .

About DxTerity Diagnostics:

Founded in 2006, DxTerity Diagnostics is a privately-held biotechnology company that develops simple and affordable genomic testing solutions for the research, diagnostic and therapeutic markets. DxTerity ‘ s flagship product line, NEAT ™ , is a non-enzymatic genomic testing platform that enables the development of one-step, easy-to-use genomic tests.

About PREMIER Biosoft International:

Founded in 1994, the company is a group of computer scientists and molecular biologists dedicated to producing cutting edge intuitive software for the molecular biologist. The company studies the most recent innovations in molecular biology and translates them into software products that aid biologists. Additional information about PREMIER Biosoft International can be found at http://www.PremierBiosoft.com .