Synygy Selected by CATS Technology to Provide On-Demand Software Application

Synygy, Inc. and CATS Technology Inc. (CATS) today announced a multi-year agreement which provides a unique on-demand software application for healthcare facilities. Leveraging Synygy ‘ s software development and hosting services, CATS has produced a web-based product that will assist healthcare facilities to manage their complexes more effectively.

The CATS application will be used by healthcare facilities to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. It is envisioned that through the use of the Synygy-developed portal, healthcare facilities will have instant access to CATS healthcare information that can have real time impact on clinical and financial outcomes as well as the delivery of services.

Synygy ‘ s ability to apply its existing technology as a basis for the product, combined with around the clock implementation from its global resources, in turn lowered the cost of the CATS ‘ project and sped-up time to market.

“ The speed and ease of this implementation exceeded our expectations and put us about three months ahead of schedule on our project, ” said Marc Silver, CATS Technology president. “ Not only was this project completed ahead of time and on budget, it functions just as we require and is very easy for our staff to use. ”

“ The software development and hosting services that Synygy provides to independent software vendors are an extension of Synygy ‘ s long history of providing on-demand sales performance management applications, ” said Mark A. Stiffler, Synygy president and CEO. “ In many cases, these ISVs can use Synygy ‘ s existing software modules as a starting point that eliminates the need to custom code, which we were able to do to help CATS Technology create this unique and cost-effective application for the healthcare industry. ”

Synygy ( ) is a recognized authority in sales performance and sales operations management and CATS Technology ( ) is recognized in the field of healthcare services which enhance the delivery and improvement of healthcare outcomes.