AT&T Mexico to Launch Smith Micro ViewSpot® Retail Display Management Platform

Smith Micro Software announced its agreement with AT&T Mexico to bring its ViewSpot® dynamic retail display management solution into more than 1,500 stores. The ViewSpot platform, which will be branded for AT&T Mexico as Device Alive – Mexico, will enable AT&T Mexico to build product and brand recognition with consistent digital content, to provide dynamic digital pricing and to gain valuable customer insights on more than thirty device models across five regions within Mexico. This deployment marks the first expansion of Smith Micro’s ViewSpot platform into Latin America.

“We are pleased to partner with AT&T Mexico so they can utilize ViewSpot to deliver consistent, synchronized, dynamic content in their retail stores,” said William W. Smith Jr., president and CEO of Smith Micro. “ViewSpot becomes a critical component of AT&T Mexico’s retail strategy and will function as an extension of their sales force, leading customers on a connected in-store journey of devices and promotions.”

ViewSpot is Smith Micro’s comprehensive retail display management solution that enhances a customer’s in-store experience by delivering interactive dynamic pricing and digital content management, providing analytics on customer engagement and monitoring device health. This allows mobile network operators to deliver digital marketing programs to customers that connect with their needs while also being able to analyze the in-store behavior of consumers to drive strategic business decisions.

“Listening to customers is the key to innovate and improve our products and services. With Device Alive, all the people who visit our AT&T stores will have a new standardized experience with digital content that is easy to update and improves our sales times,” said Marisol Serrano, Brand & Strategy Communication AT&T, Mexico.

ViewSpot lets mobile network operators take control of content management and deliver the right message to the right consumer to facilitate a positive retail experience and drive in-store spending through features like:

  • Customized Messaging – Optimize content and deliver the information customers want to increase conversions and reduce the sales cycle.
  • Dynamic Digital Pricing – Ensure pricing compliance, eliminate lag time and reduce human error with dynamic digital price tags that can offer store or region specific promotional pricing.
  • Attract Sync – Draw customers in to view and interact with devices by displaying consistent, branded demos that loop until a customer interacts with the device.

The expansion of ViewSpot into Latin America with Device Alive – Mexico presents an exciting opportunity for Smith Micro, ViewSpot and AT&T,” said Smith. “We are confident that AT&T will experience the positive impact that Device Alive-Mexico will have on its business by turning browsers into buyers and providing a viable solution to many retail challenges.”

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