UPEK Announces New FIPS 201 Certified Compact USB Fingerprint Module

UPEK ® Inc., the leader in biometric fingerprint security solutions, today announced the availability of its new TCEFx1 USB fingerprint module, which uses the company ‘ s FIPS 201 certified TouchChip ® TCS1 fingerprint sensor, the only silicon-based fingerprint sensor certified by the FBI for U.S. government applications. The UPEK TCEFx1 module is compact, simple to integrate, and allows for biometric authentication with ANSI 378 fingerprint templates stored on U.S. Government issued Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards. UPEK will be displaying the TCEFx1 module at the Biometrics Consortium Technology Expo at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL September 23-25.

In the wake of 9/11, HSPD-12 and FIPS 201 were created to strengthen security at U.S. government agencies by mandating that all federal employees and contractors be issued new identity cards with fingerprint template data for stronger user authentication. UPEK ‘ s TouchChip fingerprint sensor is the only silicon fingerprint sensor certified by the FBI and the GSA for use in FIPS 201 applications including physical and logical access control.

Dell Inc. recently launched their first government-focused notebooks with UPEK ‘ s TCEFx1 fingerprint module and a PIV-compliant smart card reader, enabling 3-factor authentication: what you have (PIV card), what you know (6-digit PIN) and who you are (fingerprint). The Dell Latitude E6500, Precision ® M4400 and Precision M6400 with UPEK ‘ s turnkey FIPS 201 compliant fingerprint module offer government agencies a complete endpoint security solution for complying with HSPD-12.

The new TCEFx1 module leverages UPEK ‘ s certified TouchChip TCS1 sensor by adding a low profile finger guide, on-board memory for sensor calibration data, a USB controller and other features that deliver a self-contained USB module that is simple to integrate into devices including notebooks, keyboards, smartcard readers, mobile ID terminals and access control devices, where demand for certified fingerprint sensors is growing. UPEK ‘ s TCEFx1 is smaller and more power efficient than bulky and power hungry optical devices, making it ideal for portable devices that must meet government fingerprint standards.

“ UPEK is pleased to offer the only U.S. government-certified fingerprint module that is practical for portable devices such as notebooks and mobile ID terminals, ” said Mike Chaudoin, Biometrics Business Unit Director at UPEK. “ UPEK ‘ s leadership position in supplying fingerprint authentication solutions for the notebook market contributed to making the TCEFx1 possible and extends UPEK ‘ s leadership in delivering timely solutions that leverage our proven silicon fingerprint sensing technology. We are pleased to work with Dell as our first notebook customer for the TCEFx1 module. ”

The TCEFx1 USB fingerprint module is available in different firmware configurations to meet different communication interface requirements. Evaluation kits and Development kits are also available. For more information go to the UPEK web site at: www.upek.com/fips201

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